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Trump Postpones VP Announcement

Donald Trump has postponed the announcement of his Vice Presidential running mate. He attributed the postponement to the attacks in Nice. I don't buy it.

The clock is ticking for Mr. Thump. The Republican convention begins Monday in Cleveland. Is anyone else a little unsettled about reports that the finalists are being chosen by Trump's children? What do they know about running a country? I'd feel better if he picked George -- the older guy who advises him on the apprentice. He seems smart and even tempered.

Newt did a have a funny line though: In an interview yesterday, he said he told Thump the choice was between having "two pirates on the ticket or a pirate and a relatively stable, more normal person." Which did Newt think he was?

Trump also told Fox News he would ask Congress for a Declaration of War against ISIS.

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Apprentice 6: Art Imitates Life?

Apprentice 6 will be filmed in LA instead of New York this year. That's not the only change. It will focus on the haves vs. haves nots:

In a compelling social experiment of haves and have nots, contestants this season will have to earn the right to live like Trump.

Each week, the contestants on the winning team will get to live in a luxurious mansion. But contestants on the losing team will have to sleep outside in tents in the back yard of the mansion with outdoor showers and port-a-potties, giving contestants more incentive than ever to win their tasks each week.

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