Wednesday :: February 10, 2016

Wednesday Open Thread

I spent the day battling Wall Street banks in court today.

Open Thread.

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Tuesday :: February 09, 2016

NH Primary Thread

I'm buried with work and really have no clue what's going on today anyway.

Talk NH here.

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Tuesday Open Thread

NH primary is today.

Open Thread.

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Monday :: February 08, 2016

Monday Open Thread

If any of you remember my disastrous move last September when the movers set the place on fire as I was moving in, I'm glad to report that today, after five months, the flooring company arrived to begin tearing out the hardwood floors and replacing them.

I've been living there with only about 20% of my possessions since October. I thought they'd be done about 3 weeks after I moved back in, so I just brought essentials, thinking it would be a slight inconvenience compared to the hassle of moving everything out again when they started on the floors.

The floors will take a week to ten days to finish, so I have checked into an almost brand-new hotel nearby. (I'm waiting in the lobby for my room to be ready.)

I suspect my blogging will be light this week, but you never know. This is an open thread, all topics welcome. So are donations, if anyone hasn't contributed in a while!

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Sunday :: February 07, 2016

Halftime Superbowl Show

I caught the last two songs of the Superbowl halftime show. The last song was my favorite, with Coldplay flashing photos of Mick Jagger, Paul McCartney, Michael Jackson, Bruce Springsteen, Whitney Houston and others, and later being joined by Beyonce, Bruno Mars and hundreds of others, I presume were non-famous typical folks.

Haven't Beyonce and Bruno Mars already performed at the Superbowl? Why the encore? Did ColdPlay show the Who, Tom Petty, Madonna or Katie Perry? I may have missed it, the images went by fast and I was typing. Did Bon Jovi ever perform at halftime?

This is not an open thread, please keep your comments related to Superbowl -- either the game (which I'm not watching) or Superbowl Media (music, commercials, past and present, commentary, production value, etc.)

How was Lady Gaga's national anthem?

I think Denver is ahead 13 to 7, but I can't tell what the numbers flashing on the screen mean -- hopefully it's not some other statistic. There's not that much street noise coming through my windows. I do want Denver to win, just not enough to watch the game. Time for dinner -- an authentic Italian meatball sandwich on some great, crusty bread with plenty of sauce.

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Bernie and a Political Revolution

From Woodstock in 1969 to New Hampshire today... calls for revolution are always popular with the young. But as those of us who are no longer young can attest, we are still waiting for that revolution. And we'll still be waiting in 2020.

I'd rather elect someone who can get things done than someone who promises yet another pie in the sky. I'm way too jaded to believe in Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds. Especially when Lucy is 75 years old and has far fewer political accomplishments than his opponent. A stalled Congress is just not my idea of how to kick off a revolution. (If elected, Sanders will be 76 when he takes office. If you're 50 or younger, you might not see the difference between 68 and 75. But I suspect anyone who has observed their parents' failing health or mental decline at age 75, or who is that age, will say differently. I wish it were different, but 75 is just not the new 55.)

It will surprise no one if New Hampshire goes for Bernie Sanders, given its proximity to Vermont and the large number of independent voters who are allowed to vote in either primary. But far more important will be Super Tuesday in early March and the large states, particularly those with a lot of minority voters. [More...]

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Sunday Open Thread

Open Thread.

Super Bowl today. I bet Tails and the Panthers.

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Saturday :: February 06, 2016

Saturday Open Thread

There's another GOP Debate tonight. I'm not wtching.

The Super Bowl is tomorrow and probably won't watch that either but that's cuz I'm really work busy. I'm a big Cam fan so pulling for anthers.

Open Thread.

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Friday :: February 05, 2016

Friday Open Thread


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Thursday :: February 04, 2016

Belated Post Debate Thread

Sorry. Should have put up a thread.

Update (TL): Thanks, BTD. I didn't even realize there was a debate tonight until just now. That's how studiously I've been avoiding news about New Hampshire. Here's an AP recap of the first half.

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Wednesday :: February 03, 2016

Wednesday Open Thread

No, I'm not watching the TV show about O.J.

Or following the campaigns in New Hampshire -- everyone should just declare themselves a moral victor and move on to states with more significance to the race as a whole.

This is an open thread, all topics welcome.

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Tuesday :: February 02, 2016

Sanders Complains About Party Staffing, Wants Results "Recreated"

Too much. CNN reports Bernie Sanders' campaign is claiming 90 precincts were inadequately staffed by the Democratic Party and wants the vote recreated in those precincts. Wolf Blitzer seems truly perplexed and asks, "What exactly does that mean"?

Here's the result tally and map from the Iowa Democratic Party's caucus website at midnight Iowa time.


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Monday :: February 01, 2016

Hillary's Iowa Speech: The Real Winner Stands Up

Hillary Clinton looks great in red. She's hoarse. Bill and Chelsea are with her. Her makeup's perfect (unlike Trump's racoon eyes.) Some of her remarks (not verbatim):

It is rare to have the opportunity to have a real contest and think about what the Democratic party stands for. I am a progressive who gets things done.

Cheers and standing ovation. [More...]

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Ted Cruz Thanks You Know Who

You don't need to listen to Ted Cruz's speech. You know what he said. Like Rubio, it's all the work of You Know Who.

Good luck with that in November. Trump will eat them both alive. I would bet that You Know Who will never run the United States of America in my lifetime.

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Trump's Iowa Speech: Iowa We Love You

"I think I might come here and buy a farm."

The gracious Donald Trump showed up tonight. He loves Iowans. He congratulates the others. He loves New Hampshire and South Carolina.

His wife looks gorgeous. His sons are on hand, they've been in Iowa giving speeches. I think Ivanka was on the left with her husband but I was typing and didn't really see. (Corrected: His daughter with Marla Trump is not Vanessa but Tiffany. So I have no idea who the blond was with his sons.)

Trump says he will get the Republican nomination and beat Hillary or Bernie or "whoever the hell they throw up."

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