Sunday :: October 11, 2015

Sunday Open Thread

Comcast is simply impossible to deal with. I've had no internet from Thursday when I moved to late yesterday. Every excuse in the book for not being able to transfer service, hours wasted on the phone, techs who never call back despite promises to do so. A special raspberry to Shawn and Elisha (Alicia or Alisha?) in Seattle and Vince in the Philippines. Worthless, all. I ended up going to the Comcast store late yesterday afternoon and Brandi C. spent an hour doing various things and setting up a fourth account for me and said all I had to do was go home and activate it. She was very close to fixing it, only it wouldn't activate, and I spent another hour or two on the phone with two to three more people, and the last one did something that finally allowed me to activate it. Unfortunately, I didn't write her name down.

Here's a new open thread, all topics welcome.

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Saturday :: October 10, 2015

Saturday College Football Open Thread

The picks:

Florida @ Missouri +5, Wisconsin -1 @ Nebraska, Georgia -3 @ Tennessee, Virginia @ Pittsburgh -10, Central Michigan -7 @ Western Michigan, Illinois @ Iowa -11, Maryland @ Ohio State -33, Oklahoma @ Texas+18, Oklahoma State @ West Virginia -6, Ball State +10 @ Northern Illinois, Connecticut @ Central Florida -3, Syracuse PICK @ South Florida, Georgia Tech =7 1/2 @ Clemson, Iowa State @ Texas Tech -10, South Carolina +21 @ LSU, Wake Forest @ Boston College -6, Navy +14 1/2 @ Notre Dame, Middle Tennessee +8 @ Western Kentucky, Tulane +14 1/2 @ Temple, Indiana +7 @ Penn State.

Go Gators!

Open Thread.

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Thursday :: October 08, 2015

Moving Day (Again) and Open Thread

I decided to move back to my new place, even though the fire restoration isn't finished (if it's even begun.) I'm only taking what I need for now, since the floors will be replaced within the next few weeks. The rest is going to storage until the restoration is completed. I did finally find a temporary place to stay, and my insurance company was great and offered to pay for it, but I would have had to move from one unit to another in the same building after 5 days, and I think I've had enough moving for a while.

I hope this move goes better than the last one. But already, Comcast's computers are so confused by my moving back and forth, they've locked my three accounts, even to their employees, so no one could get in last night to do a transfer of service, let alone an activation. They'll work on it today, but if it's days until anyone hears from me, that's why -- no phone, no cable, no internet. Since I'm paying on three accounts, I hope they figure it out soon.

In between all this, I'm tying to get my tax info ready for my accountant, and working, so it's very busy here.

Here's an open thread, all topics welcome.

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Wednesday :: October 07, 2015

Wednesday Open Thread

The movers will be here at 8:30 to start packing me up and I'm still not sure where I'm going. I think I found a place to rent for the rest of the month, but it's not yet signed and done. Cutting it close is an understatement, since I have to move out on Thursday.

Here's a new open thread, all topics welcome. And please stop the insults to other commenters. I don't have time to babysit the threads. Even long time readers may find themselves in timeout if they keep doing it.

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Monday :: October 05, 2015

Moving Week Two and Open Thread

I will be moving again this week. It's been very complicated since I have no place to move to yet -- the repairs on my new place won't be done before the end of October, and I have to be out of where I am by Friday. And of course I still have to work.

I doubt I'll be blogging (it's also tax time), but I'll try to put up some open threads throughout the week and hopefully BTD will have a few posts.

This is an open thread, all topics welcome.

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Biden All In For TPP, Will Lobby Congress For Passage

In case you were wondering:

So Labor, how do you like Biden now?

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Sunday :: October 04, 2015

Hillary Mocks Trump on SNL

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Saturday :: October 03, 2015

Saturday College Football Open Thread

I'm flooding the zone this week. the picks:

Mississippi State+5 @ Texas A&m, Mississippi -7 @ Florida, Arkansas +7 @ Tennessee, Arizona State @ UCLA -12, Washington State +18 @ California, Hawaii +26 @ Boise State, San Jose State +21 @ Auburn, East Carolina -5 @ SMU, Notre Dame @ Clemson Pick (3 units), Boston College +7 @ Duke, Ohio State -23 @ Indiana, Alabama PICK (4 units) @ Georgia, Northern Illinois @ Central Michigan +3,
Louisville @ North Carolina State -3, Houston -6 @ Tulsa, Central Florida PICK @ Tulane, Pittsburgh +4 @ Virginia Tech, Minnesota @ Northwestern -4, Kansas +19 @ Iowa State, Texas +15 @ TCU, Iowa +6 @ Wisconsin, Purdue +22 @ Michigan State,
Michigan -14 @ Maryland, West Virginia +7 @ Oklahoma, South Carolina +3 @ Missouri.

Go Gators!

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Friday :: October 02, 2015

Friday Open Thread

Here's a new open thread, all topics welcome.

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Mexico's Latest Extraditions

I think the most suspect of Mexico's extradition decisions yesterday is that of Jose Antonio Reynoso-Gonzalez. (Here is Mexico's announcement and here is DOJ's announcement.)

Today Mexico insisted yesterday's extraditions were part of a new streamlined policy and unrelated to the recent escape of Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman.

Really? We are supposed to believe it is just happenstance that Jose Antonio Reynoso-Gonzalez, a codefendant of El Chapo in the 1995 San Diego case involving the Otay Mesa tunnel and cocaine smuggled in chili pepper cans was one of the 13 persons extradited? This is the same case for which the U.S. recently sought El Chapo's extradition. [More...]

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Thursday :: October 01, 2015

Thursday Open Thread

I'm in court all day. Here's a new open thread, all topics welcome.

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Wednesday :: September 30, 2015

GOP Admits eGhazi Political Witchhunt

The McCarthy there is Kevin McCarthy, the likely next GOP speaker of the House, touting the GOP "accomplishments" in the House.

So the Benghazi committee and all its leaks to Michael Schmidt of the New York Times has one purpose -- to damage Hilary Clinton. Your tax dollars at work.

McCarthy's words:

Everybody thought Hillary Clinton was unbeatable, right?” House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy said on Fox News’s “Hannity” on Tuesday. “But we put together a Benghazi special committee, a select committee. What are her numbers today? Her numbers are dropping. Why? Because she’s untrustable. But no one would’ve known any of that had happened had we not fought and made that happen.”

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Tuesday :: September 29, 2015

The Sexism Is Back: NYT's Bruni Calls Hillary "Calculating" and "Controlling"

In a typical Frank Bruni piece on political theater, as opposed to, you know actual issues, Bruni let's his sexist flag fly.

It starts with belittling her interacto with Lena Dunham as a "pajama party." Would he have used tha phrase if it involved 2 men. Never.

But it gets worse:

How can her response to charges that she’s too packaged and calculating be this packaged and calculated?

You can read the thought in his mind - why won't the calculating bitch stop being a calculating bitch? And get this one:

She’s impressively controlled. She’s distressingly controlling.

Yes, the controlling bitch is what he is saying.


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Monday :: September 28, 2015

Syria: Assad, Not ISIS or AQ, Is the Problem

Charles Lister's article today on our epic misreading of the problem in Syria is getting tons of praise from analysts on Twitter. Shorter version: The U.S. is walking into an abyss on Syria. Some quotes:

[T]he US and its European partners remain dangerously disconnected from Syria's realities. The threat posed by IS has become a convenient obsession, while the more complex dynamics in the rest of the country appear all but ignored and misunderstood.

... IS remains a potent force in Syria and must be countered, but it will not be marching on Damascus anytime soon, contrary to some uninformed fear mongering. Al-Qaeda also poses a pressing and more long-term threat, perhaps more so than has been acknowledged. But at the end of the day, the root cause of the entire Syrian crisis is Assad and his regime.

Our efforts in Syria to date: "To label the mission a catastrophic failure would be a generous assessment." [More...]

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U.S. Trained Rebel Defector Gave Equipment to al Nusra

First, the U.S. admitted equipment it provided to the Syrian Rebels it was training ended up with al Nusra, the Al Qaida affiliated group. But it denied knowing or training the person who gave it to them.

The Daily Beast says Centcom then admitted a little more:

The Pentagon, responding to reports in The Daily Beast that a specific U.S.-trained commander had defected along with most of his unit to a group affiliated with al Qaeda, will now concede that an unnamed commander who actually had been rejected by the U.S. as a possible trainee for the fight against the self-proclaimed Islamic State had somehow acquired access to U.S. equipment that he then handed over to al Qaeda affiliates.

But it gets worse. [More...]

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