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A Thankfully Last and Final Trump Debate

Update 5:48 pm MT: I think I will watch after all. I heard CNN on the car radio today and some official said that the mute button is only for the first two minute segments when they each get a chance to talk. (Shouldn't it be for all questions if the one not asked the question butts in and hogs the other candidate's time?) I think they should go further and block out the offender's face and mute his statements and have a chyron that says "Stand by. We will be back momentarily".

Does anyone need another debate to decide between voting for Trump or Biden? I doubt it. Does anyone need a final debate to decide whether to vote at all? Perhaps. [More...]

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Trump Ready to Return to His Campaign Rallies

Donald Trump wanted to return to the campaign trail (pun intended, as he trails his opponent be several points) today. but he is now planning on heading out on Monday. His doctor says:

White House physician Sean Conley said in a memo released on Thursday that Trump had completed his course of therapy for COVID-19, remained stable since returning home from the Walter Reed medical facility on Monday and could resume public engagements on Saturday.

“There are medical tests underway that will ensure that when the president is back out he will not be able to transmit the virus,” McEnany said, adding Conley would lay out the details later. “He won’t be out there if he can transmit the virus.”


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Giuliani's Golfer Son Wants to Run for Mayor of New York

This is the funniest thing I've read all day. Andrew Giuliani, the golfing son of Rudy hired by Donald Trump in 2017 as an "assistant to the public liaison office" for which taxpayers shelled out $90k a year says he is seriously thinking of running for Mayor of New York:

“I am certainly thinking about it. It’s something that a bunch of people that I trust have approached me with,” the younger Giuliani told The Post. “It’s been terrible to see over the last few years how the city has spiraled. I am afraid if the right candidate doesn’t win in 2021, four more years of de Blasio’s policies will remind us of the 80s.”

I guess Don Jr., who once was toying with running for mayor, has now passed the post on to Andrew. Don, Jr. probably thinks the job isn't good enough for him, he'd make a better governor or Senator. (I doubt he'll run for Congress, it's too much work to have to reapply to your constituents every 2 years.) [More...]

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Trump Holds Indoor Rally in Henderson, NV

Donald Trump's is holding an indoors rally today in Henderson, Nevada.

The campaign rally in Henderson, Nevada -- which will be held inside a facility of Xtreme Manufacturing -- is expected to violate the state of Nevada's restriction on gatherings of 50 people or more.

200,000 Americans have now died from the coronavirus. It is not going away. Cases have risen in 11 states this week: Alaska, Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Wisconsin and Wyoming.

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So Many Books, So Little Time

Is Michael Cohen's book now chopped liver?

Making a bigger splash today is the release of Bob Woodward's Rage,, which exposes more of Donald Trump's incompetence and lie, as told to Woodward by Trump himself, in 18 separate interviews, only 3 of which took place in office settings: The remaining 15 were Trump calling Woodward late at night from his private (and likely unrecorded) phone line from the White House bedroom. It may be that Trusty Trump let Woodward record his calls without him recording at his end. Which would mean White House Staffers have never heard most of the 18 hours of tapes. No wonder they weren't all over the air last night giving advice.

Former Defense Secretary James Mattis, former Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats and former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, all hired at the start of Trump's presidency, are quoted detailing their frustrations with Trump's inability to focus, their alarm over his refusal to accept facts or listen to experts, their fears over the consequences of his impulsive decision-making -- and one top official even suspected Russian President Vladimir Putin had something on Trump.

The Washington Post published snippets of Trump's taped comments to Woodward.

Wouldn't a normal person in Trump's situation apologize and resign, after which the media would get in position to broadcast his final frog-march across the White House lawn, with his stiletto-heeled wife and towering son at his side? But Donald Trump is not normal. [More...]

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Reuters Poll: Trump Lags, Coronavirus is Biggest Voter Concern

Reuters has new national poll results. It's findings: Trump got no convention bounce. He's 7 points behind Biden. His efforts to deflect (from his performance with the coronavirus) and redirect (attention to crime and BLM) have not worked.

Trailing Biden in most national opinion polls since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus this year, Trump has sought to change the subject from a pandemic that has killed more than 180,000 Americans, blaming Black Lives Matters protesters for violence in the cities and accusing Biden of being weak on crime.

The poll numbers show: [More...]

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RNC: Is Anyone Still Watching?

From the prepared text of Donald Trump, Jr.'s propaganda pep talk last night:

Imagine the life you want to have--one with a great job, a beautiful home, and a perfect family. You can have it.

Who wrote his speech? Is he channeling the Talking Heads again (Once in a Lifetime)?

You may find yourself in a large house
You may find yourself with a beautiful wife
You may ask yourself "How did I get here"?
....And you may ask yourself "What have I done"?

Or is he channeling his father? How about both.

Trump world: False facts, false narratives, flawed family. Same as it ever was.

If you are still watching, feel free to tell us what you saw.

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Trump Opens RNC With Claims the Election Will Be Stolen

Donald Trump opened the RNC today claiming the Democrats are using COVID-19 to steal the election.

There is no reason to watch any further, in my opinion. Does anyone need to hear from these three who are also on the speaking agenda this week:

Donald Trump is banking on the politics of fear. The Republican convention will be filled with images of tanks, protesters setting things on fire, and praises for the police. Donald Trump reportedly has hired the Apprentice producers to stage it. He should have gotten Law and Order creator Dick Wolf. [More...]

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An Anthem for Our Times

We need the Democrats to win in November.
Our democracy needs the Democrats to win in November.

We need a capable, experienced Vice President who is ready to stand in on an unexpected moment's notice.

Kamala Harris is more than up to the task. She is reflective of all of us. Joe Biden may care about us, but Kamala Harris will do something for us. She will give us what we need.

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DNC Night 3: Hillary!!

I tuned into the DNC just as Hillary Clinton began her short speech. She packed so much into that short amount of time, and every sentence was meaningful. She may have made the best case so far to vote for the Democrats. Remember that she won by 3 million popular votes, and lost the election.

The Democrats need to make sure the margin is much, much higher this year so that Donald Trump can't steal the election. In other words, "it takes a village."

Hillary also made sure to insert Biden into her speech at multiple points. But to me, it was her listing of the key policy differences between Republicans and Democrats that really made her case: On health insurance for all, on social security and medicare, on social justice, Democrats are the only choice. And while they have done poorly on reversing the decades of draconian sentences and the arbitrary and discriminatory treatment of minorities and the economically disadvantaged inherent in our criminal justice system, Republicans are always worse.

Thinking about what could and should have been in 2016 is the best reminder it can happen again in 2020. [More...]

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Trump Holds a Press Conference

Donald Trump is holding a press conference -- he is ten minutes late.

Trump has spent the past two days capmpaigning in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Arizona. On Tuesday, he also made a last-minute stop in Iowa for a briefing about damage from the derecho last week that has left thousands without power and caused catastrophic damage across the battleground state.

Trump arrives.

Trump announces he is restoring sanctions against Iran. He blasts Obama and Biden for the deal they made with Iran


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Trump Blasted by His Former Chief of Staff at DHS

Miles Taylor, who served as Chief of Staff at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) under Donald Trump, writes a scorching op-ed in the Washington Post about Trump's incompetence and how dangerous Trump is for America.

Just when I think we've heard it all, I learn somthing new about Donald Trump that flat out disgusts me even more. This one is just mind-boggling:

Top DHS officials were regularly diverted from dealing with genuine security threats by the chore of responding to these inappropriate and often absurd executive requests, at all hours of the day and night. One morning it might be a demand to shut off congressionally appropriated funds to a foreign ally that had angered him, and that evening it might be a request to sharpen the spikes atop the border wall so they’d be more damaging to human flesh (“How much would that cost us?”). .

How utterly sickening. Here's a video of Taylor delivering his criticism.

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Stephen Stills and Billy Porter: 2020 and 1967

2020 at the DNC:

1967: With the Buffalo Springfield

Stephen Stills explains to Variety how this came about. As to how times have changed, or not, he says:

Asked how the political climate today compares to the one that inspired the song, Stills says, “The swamp is just as deep and the mendacity and hipocrisy is too — although there’s a lot more on the line now....“I think this election has certainly brought everybody to the party,” he concludes, “and I’m glad to see it.”

To those of you who remember the song from the 60's, which version resonates more with you now?

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Democratic Convention - Day 1

Final Update: Did anyone convince me tonight there was any reason to vote for Joe Biden other than getting rid of Trump? No. Not by a longshot. But it is what it is.

Update: Bernie Sanders and Michelle Obama were both excellent. I preferred Bernie (Video and Transcript here) because he was more concrete and focused on policy. He spoke to all Democrats who are willing to listen. He gave specific examples of positions Biden has promised to take. (My advice: Don't throw out your salt shakers yet, i.e., take them with a grain of salt).

Saddest line: "For as long as I am here" I'll work with progressives...." On the other hand, he seemed younger and more spirited tonight, and got every point across without being bombastic. He didn't have trouble breathing. He didn't stumble over words. He looked robust and healthy, even his hair was neatly combed.

Shorter version of Bernie: Vote for Biden and then we'll raise hell and have a better chance of success because Congress will have more Democrats than it does now. [More...]

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Can Joe Biden "Thread the Needle" Among Democrats?

The New York Times posits five questions about the Democrats' virtual convention which begins Monday. Chief among them:

As Mr. Biden seeks to excite skeptical liberals while reaching out to moderates disillusioned with President Trump, Monday will demonstrate how Democrats hope to thread that needle.

For some of us, we can count the probable number of presidential elections left in our future on one hand -- and that makes this election all the more important. Can we afford another four years of the Megamaniac Donald Trump having a desk in the oval office? What kind of world would we be leaving the next generation? [More...]

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