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Democrat Debates: Making the Cut (and Primary News)

The first Democratic debates will be held over two days in June -- who's in and who's out? The NY Times has a graphic that's easy to read and informative.

The basic rules to qualify:

A candidate either has to receive donations from 65,000 people (including 200 donors apiece in 20 states) or has to register 1 percent support in three polls. Only polls from a preset list of organizations are accepted, and candidates cannot count two polls from the same pollster in the same place.

Right now, 17 of the 20 contenders would qualify. I have never heard of 8 of them. One seems to be buying his way in with a process that's not illegal: he's offering $1,000 a month for 12 months to an ordinary Iowan who agrees to media coverage. Is that why he has over 100,000 unique donors? Who would want a venture capitalist as President? (Answer: Not me).

Here's the point: [More...]

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Joe Biden Wants To Save Your Soul

Joe Biden has apparently pushed his announcement he's running for president until Thursday. The theme of his campaign is "the battle for the soul of America". Terrible. It's both ghoulish and religious. (A battle for the American Dream would be much better.)[More...]

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Joe Biden: Your Father's Oldsmobile is Honking at Us

Joe Biden has a new gimmick -- he may not only decide to run but he is considering Stacy Abrams as a VP candidate.

Memo to Dems: Stop funding Joe. He is not Obama. He's a crime warrior, especially on drugs. He's got a lousy record on criminal justice issues and has stuck us with some of the worst bills of the last generation. He once bragged in Congress he was tougher than George Bush I on crime. He is a police fan-boy. He's a one-man crime band.

Joe Biden is the self-admitted architect of the worst crime bills in history.

The 1994 crime bill provided tens of billions of dollars to put thousands of additional police on the streets, build new prisons, increase border protection, and fund crime prevention programs. It included several measures — including the Violence Against Women Act and a federal ban on certain assault weapons — that remain popular among many Democrats.


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Bernie Sanders Will Run for President Again

Bernie Sanders has announced he's in it to win it. He will run for President (no link due to autoplay video).

I prefer him to Biden, and I hope Biden pulls out or gets pushed aside early, so I don't have to spend my time writing about his abysmal record on criminal justice issues. Someone needs to tell him for real that his time has come and gone.

As to Sanders, I'll do a wait and see this time around. There are no present runners I find exciting, and his positions are better than most. Maybe America will want someone in 2020 who will walk in on day one and tear up every proclamation and executive order Trump and his underlings pushed through. As for Kamala Harris, her criminal justice record as attorney general of California may be too much for me to get past.

I'm not looking for a candidate who's overly focused on one issue: be it women, jobs for the middle class, taxes. etc. I want someone who promises to focus on protecting the constitutional rights of everyone who is present in this country, from immigrants and refugees to persons accused of crime and persons serving long sentences for crimes. And someone with the stature to repair the damage Donald Trump has done to our national image and standing in the world.

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Kamala Harris Was Not a Progressive Prosecutor

Kamela Harris was not a progressive prosecutor. She is reinventing herself as one for her planned presidential bid for the Democratic nomination for President.

Harris can run but she cannot hide from her record as a prosecutor. I listed several of my primary objections last week and will restate them below: [More...]

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Julian Castro Announces Presidential Bid

Julian Castro has announced he is running for President.

“When my grandmother got here almost a hundred years ago, I’m sure she never could have imagined that just two generations later, one of her grandsons would be serving as a member of the United States Congress and the other would be standing with you here today to say these words: I am a candidate for President of the United States of America,” he said at the rally. The Castros grew up in an impoverished neighborhood of San Antonio and were raised by a single mother.

In his announcement speech, Castro called for Medicare for all, alleviation of college debt, reform of the criminal justice system, housing affordability and reforms to the immigration system.


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