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Joran Van der Sloot Charged With Murder And Theft

Joran Van der Sloot has been charged with aggravated murder in Peru, (Google translation here) with findings he intended to rob Stephany Flores, persuaded her to come to his hotel room and then brutally murdered her and tried to cover it up. (Added: Later press release from the court (English Google translation here) explains it differently. It's homicide with special circumstances and simple theft.)

Another version here (Google translation here.)

Three cab drivers were also charged with failure to report a crime. The complaint alleges they knew of the crime when or after they drove Joran. Some reports say the maximum sentence for murder during the commission of a robbery with extreme violence is is 35 years, others say it's life.

As to the cover-up, it may have to do with his having pretended to have lost the key to his room. [More...]

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Affidavit Unsealed in Joran Van der Sloot FBI Sting Case

The federal court in Alabama has unsealed the Affidavit in support of the complaint charging Joran Van der Sloot with extortion. You can read it here.

The Affidavit begins with Van der Sloot contacting a "cooperating witness" who from all accounts, seems to be Holloway's lawyer John Q. Kelly. What's not said is what prompted Van der Sloot to contact Kelly, and whether it was one of Hollway's private detectives or persons they knew to be in touch with Joran. In other words, just because Joran contacted Kelly before Kelly contacted him, doesn't mean the idea didn't originate with Team Holloway and Joran just took the bait. [More..]

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Report: Peru Detectives to Request Murder Charge Against Joran Van der Sloot

News reports from Peru tonight say detectives in Peru will release their report tomorrow recommending Joran Van der Sloot be charged with homicide, not manslaughter, which carries a sentence of between 15 and 35 years. (Google translation here.)

The report lists as aggravating factors that he concealed evidence and fled the country. Also considered key: The statements of the hotel receptionist Adeli Abad and her supervisor, Antonio Kuanand that of Uruguayan poker player Elton Garcia. [More...]

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Casino Pictures of Joran Van der Sloot and Stephany Flores

Watch Stephany greet Joran when she enters the casino alone at 3:20 am. She walks right up to him and he extends his hand. She sits down and moves over to sit next to him. I think they had played together before. They are greeting each other, not meeting each other.

When they get up from the table together, they leave and Joran comes back to the table (I think to tip the croupier) and a guy starts talking to him and then Stephany walks up. Is that Elton Garcia? (Background here.)Is Elton Garcia in any of the images? See below for the fold for video of Elton Garcia.

When they leave the casino together, he and Stephany are chatting. From the moment she walks into the casino through the time they leave, you don't see her with her head down (like in the hotel video), following behind him. They seem together and comfortable together. [More...]

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Joran Van der Sloot: His Chilean Version, The Sting and Unanswered Questions

According to El.commercio.pe, when Joran Van der Sloot was questioned by the Chilean police, he provided quite a different version of the events that transpired the night Stephany Flores accompanied him to his hotel room. (Google translation here.)

In the Chilean version, Joran and Stephany were stopped by two men in a white car as they were leaving the casino. The men were wearing police uniforms, put them in the white car and demanded money. When Joran and Stephany later got to his hotel and went inside, there was a man in the bed with a gun in his belt. A second man came out of the bathroom with a knife. One of the men hit Stephany in the face. The men were the same two men dressed as police that had stopped them earlier. [More...]

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Joran Van der Sloot's Mother Heading to Peru, Attorney Claims Confession Coerced

According to news reports in Peru, Joran Van der Sloot's mother, Anita Van der Sloot, is heading to Peru to support her son. (Google translation here.)

The article also states Joran will be moved to Miguel Castro Castro prison after being charged and sentenced. (My prior post on the prison is here. )Authorities have delayed his trip to the hotel to walk them through events due to security. It is now scheduled for tomorrow.

In other reports, Joran's Dutch attorney says Joran told his mother his confession was coerced.

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Peru Reports Joran Van der Sloot Has Confessed to Killing Stephany Flores

El Comercio.pe is reporting Joran Van Der Sloot has confessed to killing Stephany Flores. [Google translation here.] Keep in mind the Google translations are very poor.

The motive, according to the report: When he came back from getting coffee, she was examining his computer looking for information about Natalee Holloway, he got angry, snapped, grabbed her and killed her. The report says she died instantly.

The video is in Spanish, but it includes photos of the hotel room and what purports to be Stephany's body on the floor, fully dressed. (Would they show that, or is it a re-enactment?) She's fully dressed.

NBC now repeating the story here, which it says it got from La Republica here (Google translation here.) [More...]

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Joran Van der Sloot: More Conflicting Reports

Update 6/7/10, 10:30 pm: Peru news reports say Joran has confessed, details here.


I'm still following the confusing reports from Peru on Joran Van der Sloot. My Spanish is getting better by the day because the Google and other online translators are pretty awful, and I've found that by reading the Spanish, I get a more accurate sense, even accounting for the words I don't know. Also, their pronouns are often wrong and in the wrong place making it hard to figure out who they are talking about. It's clearer to me reading the Spanish.

That said, while I can understand most of the written Spanish, I'm not able to translate it into English, so especially when pressed for time (like now) I may move to summaries, with links to the Spanish. From what I gather today: [More..]

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Joran Van der Sloot to Be Moved to Miguel Castro Castro Maximum Security Prison

Update: Joran will be held at the Miguel Castro Castro prison for the duration of the investigation phase. The prison was the subject of a huge lawsuit in 2006 for violation of prisoners' rights. (see end of this post for more.)

Update: Report from Peru: Joran is refusing to answer questions without a lawyer. Smart move, if true. He also reportedly asked for a non-Dutch attorney and said he was not arrested in Chile but surrendered, knowing he was being sought. Maybe that's why he wasn't handcuffed.


Original post: Netherlands Offers Defense Attorney to Joran Van der Sloot

Peru may come to regret the gratuitous perp walk of Joran Van der Sloot. A few days ago, the Netherlands said it would not provide a lawyer for Joran Van der Sloot. Today, that's changed.

[More, with updates below]

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Peru Extends Joran Van der Sloot Detention For 7 Days

Peruvian news is reporting (translation here, another article here , with translation here) that a judge in Peru has extended the detention of Joran Van der Sloot for 7 days. Under Peruvian law, he was to be presented to a judge within 24 hours of being expelled from Chile.

This afternoon, at the request of Ninfa Espinoza Sotomayor, head of Criminal Prosecution in Lima, police took Joran to the office of the Public Ministry and then back to the police headquarters at Dirincri.

Here are the images from the hotel security camera. (Another video of images with times is here.) Here is the Peru Constitution .

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Joran Van der Sloot Arrives at Lima Police Station

Joran Van der Sloot has arrived in Lima where he was taken to the Criminal Investigation Department (Dirincri) of the National Police on Spain Avenue. A press conference was held and he was perp-walked for the media. You can watch a video here. (Update: Here's a better one, they start the perp walk at 3 minutes in.)

Peruvian Minister Octavio Salazar declined to give details of the investigation. Nor did they answer questions asked by journalists. Apparently, he will now be interrogated.

He faces up to three days in the dungeons of the Dirincri and then [he will] be made available to the Peruvian justice. The judge will decide which prison the Dutchman [goes to.]


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The Peruvian Criminal Justice System and Prison Conditions

Update 6/7: He is still at the police headquarters facility. Reports that he will be moved to Miguel Castro Castro are now contradicted by the ex-prison chief, who says it is not secure enough to protect him. The ex-chief now thinks he will go to the maximum prison at Piedras Gordas, which he says does have adequate security. More here. This does seem to be his opinion, not fact. He's the former prison head. Article from Peru here.

Update 6/6: Joran Van der Sloot is being moved to the Miguel Castro Castro maximum security prison. Details here.

Getting details on the Peruvian penal code and procedural rules when you can't read Spanish is no easy task. Even Lexis and Westlaw offered little help. Our State Department has some basic information in this report dated March, 2010:

Trial Procedures

The justice system is based on the Napoleonic Code. The prosecutor investigates cases and submits an opinion to a first instance judge, who determines if sufficient evidence exists to open legal proceedings. The judge conducts an investigation, evaluates facts, determines guilt or innocence, and issues a sentence. All defendants are presumed innocent; they have the right to be present at trial, to call witnesses, and to be represented by counsel, although in practice the public defender system often failed to provide indigent defendants with qualified attorneys. The Ministry of Justice provided indigent persons with access to an attorney at no cost, although these attorneys were often poorly trained.


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Joran Van der Sloot's Extortion Case an FBI Sting

The FBI set up Joran Van der Sloot to extort money from a representative of Beth Holloway in Aruba.

So it seems it wasn't Joran's idea to call Beth Holloway and offer details for cash, it was her and the FBI's idea. They probably hoped that if arrested on the extortion charge, they'd be able to get him to Alabama and the FBI could question him about Natalie's murder. Also likely in on the plot: the lawyer for Mrs. Holloway, John Q. Kelly, who was seen in Aruba that week. Question: Did the money wired to Joran belong to the F.B.I.?

So Joran took the bait and got a down payment, and gave or intended to give false information, just like he has before. Why would he do that? Maybe because he has no real information since he didn't kill Natalee Holloway or dispose of her body? Of course, no one wants to believe that. That requires the presumption of innocence, and only guilt sells in the American media.


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Joran Van der Sloot En Route to Peru, Denies Killing Flores

Joran Van der Sloot, expelled from Chile, is en route to Peru where officials want to question him about the murder of Stephany Flores.

It will be a long day -- he left Chile at 8:55 a.m. (handcuffed this time) with three detectives in a plane.

The plane will undertake the five hour plus journey to the border, stopping in San Padro de Atacama to refuel, before touching down in Arica, in the north of Chile. The suspect will then be taken over the border to Peru by land and handed over to Peruvian authorities.

On their side, Peruvian police have begun arrangements to receive the suspect at Santa Rosa, Tacna, the southernmost city in Peru. From Tacna, van der Sloot will be transported by air to the the Peruvian capital, Lima.

To avoid the delays an extradition process can take, Chile agreed to expel Joran as being "an undesirable" or illegally in the country, which allows them to return him to the country from which he crossed into Chile, which is Peru. [More...]

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Joran Van Der Sloot Arrested in Chile, Charged With Extortion in Alabama

Update: Wire service reporting Joran Van der Sloot will be extradited to Peru tomorrow. Sounds like either he agreed to it or he's not being extradited, but expelled. I'm getting more and more convinced he didn't kill anyone and the authorities know it.

Joran Van der Sloot was arrested in Chile today and is in custody awaiting a decision from Peru on how it wants to proceed.

Van der Sloot was also charged in federal court in the Northern District of Alabama with extortion and wire fraud. The amended complaint is here. He's accused of trying to sell information about the whereabouts of Natalee Holloway's body and how she died.

Authorities in Peru say he and Stephany Flores were seen going to his hotel room about 5:00 a.m. Sunday, and Joran was seen leaving the hotel alone four hours later. Flores' body wasn't found until Wednesday. There's no mention of whether he was bloody or disheveled when seen leaving the hotel, but the cab driver who took him to Chile doesn't mention his appearance being out of the ordinary.

In Lima, police Gen. Cesar Guardia said Flores, who had been seen with the suspect early Sunday, was found Wednesday lying face down on the floor of van der Sloot's hotel room. Her neck was broken, and she was fully clothed, with no signs of having been sexually abused, Guardia told The Associated Press. Authorities found no potential murder weapons in the room, Garcia said.


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