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Hillary to Campaign for Obama Friday in Colorado

John McCain will campaign in Colorado Friday.

This just in: Hillary will be in Aurora (just east/southeast of Denver) to campaign for Sen. Barack Obama on Friday. Details to be announced.

Update: From Hillary's office:[More...]

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Time/CNN Poll: Obama Ahead in Red Battleground States

Time/CNN just released a new poll:

Senator Barack Obama has held or increased his lead in four key states won by President George W. Bush in 2004 — Nevada, North Carolina, Ohio and Virginia—while losing ground to Senator John McCain in West Virginia.

Obama gained the most ground in North Carolina, where he now leads McCain among likely voters by 51% to 47%, up four percentage points from earlier this month when a similar poll showed the two tied at 49%. [More...]

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Pew Research Poll: Growing Doubts About John McCain

The Pew Research Center released a new poll today. Shorter version: Voters have increasing doubts about John McCain's judgment, age and campaign conduct.

Currently, Obama enjoys his widest margin yet over McCain among registered voters, at 52% to 38%. When the sample of voters is narrowed to those most likely to vote, Obama leads by 53% to 39%.

On views of Obama:

More voters see him as “well-qualified” and “down-to-earth” than did so a month ago. Obama also is inspiring more confidence on several key issues, including Iraq and terrorism, than he did before the debates. Most important, Obama now leads McCain as the candidate best able to improve economic conditions by a wider margin (53% to 32%).

As for McCain: [More...]

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What's Your Obama Tax Credit?

Forget Joe the Plumber, here's Al the Shoe Salesman. Watch him calculate his tax cut under Obama and then go calculate your own.

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Obama Fighting Hard For Colorado

The McCain campaign continues to deny reports that it is ceding Colorado to Barack Obama.

"We see the race tightening both internally and in public polling. We are within striking distance in the key battleground states we need to win," said Jill Hazelbaker, the McCain campaign's national communications director.

Gov. Sarah Palin is on to her next stop, leaving Alaska "First Dude" Todd Palin to campaign alone today in Glenwood Springs and Denver.

The Obama campaign, on the other hand, is in full swing. Not only is Sen. Joe Biden here today and tomorrow, but check out the other political magnets holding rallies the next few days .[More...]

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More Sunday Obama Endorsements

We wrote up the LA Times, Washington Post, Denver Post, Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun Times, Atlanta Journal Constitution on Friday and the Philadelphia Inquirer yesterday.

Today we have:

The New York Daily News: Overly wordy and infused with the editorial board's own position on issues and more a plea for bipartisanship. You get the picture the minute they call McCain's position "dead-on" about Iraq. So why not McCain? He's hampered by Bush and the last 8 years. [More...]

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Denver Post Endorses Barack Obama

The Denver Post editorial board has endorsed Sen. Barack Obama for President. Mostly, it's the economy:

Obama's plan, while not perfect, is far superior to McCain's catastrophic ideas.

It criticizes McCain's health care tax. But the best quote is the paper's praise for Obama's community organizing work: [More...]

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McCain Can't Win With Six Remaining Toss-Ups Alone

CNN reports:

According to CNN's latest analysis of the electoral map, only six states are up for grabs (Nevada, Colorado, Missouri, Ohio, North Carolina and Florida) and they were all won by President Bush in 2004. That means even if McCain were to go 6-for-6 in the current tossup states, he would still fall short of the 270 electoral votes needed to capture the White House.

As I noted here, CNN's John King believes McCain has to take a big blue state from Obama. McCain doesn't seem to be following King's advice. He and Palin both will be back in Colorado next week. Obama also will continue to fight for Colorado -- Sen. Joe Biden will spend two days here, his first visit since the convention.

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Obama at Springsteen-Joel Fundraiser: Don't Get Over-Confident

Sen. Barack Obama has been on the "Don't get over-confident" theme all day. He told voters in New York and New Hampshire he remembers New Hampshire and the polls aren't always right.

Tonight, at what sounds like an incredible fundraising concert with Bruce Springsteen and Billy Joel, Obama took the stage at the end: [More...]

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Obama-McCain Post-Debate Thread

Did McCain catch up? I found him incredibly unappealing. He seems like a very small man, in all respects.

He played to his radical right base. He knows that getting out their vote is the only way he can win, since he has lost with independents and all other women outside the base.

I'd bet even Joe the Plumber is voting for Obama.

Update: The CNN focus group of undecided voters in Ohio say Obama won and three decided to vote for him tonight. Ayers didn't resonate with the group.

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Final Obama-McCain Debate: Live Blog

The third and final debate between Senators Barack Obama and John McCain begins at 9pm ET on CNN. Big Tent Democrat, TChris, the TL Kid and I will be live-blogging.

The live blog stays below the fold so that it can be a bit wider than the front page allows. Just click on the "There's More" button or bookmark the permalink to go directly to it.

You can comment same as always in the comment section below. You also can send us live messages through the software. Only comments you post below will appear on the site.

We'll add live polls so you can weigh in on how they are doing. [More...]

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Pre-Debate Thread: What Will McCain Try Now?

The final debate between Sen. Barack Obama and John McCain begins in less than two hours.

What will McCain do? Will he stay on issues or make a last minute sleaze attack on Obama?

How will Obama respond? How should he respond?

We'll all be here to live-blog the debate -- Big Tent Democrat, TChris, the TL Kid and me -- hope you will join us.

In the meantime, here's a place for your last minute debate thoughts.

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Another Bad Day on Wall St as Recession Fears Grow

Stocks fell again today as recession fear set in.

The Dow Jones industrial average fell more than 700 points, giving back nearly all its record gain from Monday.

The Dow closed down 7.9 percent, or 733 points, at 8,578. That follows a loss of 77 points yesterday, which nearly wipes out Monday's 936-point gain. The Standard & Poor's 500-stock index was off 9 percent, with a 90-point decline, and the tech-heavy Nasdaq was down 8.5 percent, losing 151 points.


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Sunday Newspaper Endorsements

Newspaper editorials from the Heartland are beginning to roll in: Shorter version from this one in the Toledo Blade:: Walk and don't look back.

Sen. John McCain, by nature, has shown himself to be incapable of providing the American people with an optimistic vision of the future. Firmly rooted in the failed politics and policies of the past, he cannot guide us on a path he does not see.


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Post Debate Polls: Obama Wins

Post Debate Polls are coming in:

  • CNN: Obama 54, McCain 30.
  • CBS: Obama won among undecideds, 40% to 26%.
    Forty percent of the 516 uncommitted voters surveyed identified Barack Obama as tonight's winner; 26 percent said John McCain won, while 35 percent saw the debate as a draw. (As you might have noticed, these percentages add up to 101 percent; the reason for the additional percentage point is rounding of each of the individual totals.)

    After the debate, 68 percent of uncommitted voters said that they think Obama will make the right decisions on the economy, compared to 55 percent who said that before the debate. Fewer thought McCain would do so – 48 percent after the debate, and 41 percent before.

You know Obama won when even the right-wing blog Powerline says so.

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