ISIS Releases Video Outlining Its Structure

ISIS has released a 15 minute English video outlining the structure of the Kalifah, from al-Baghdadi at the top, on down. It explains the hierarchy. I was going to link to it but the last minute or so is very graphically violent (things like beheadings with blood spurting from necks) so I won't.

Analyst and collector of ISIS official documents Aymenn Jawad Al-Tamimi has this analysis.

This video tells the viewer ISIS as a governing state continues to exist and is expanding. There's a central committee under al Baghdadi. The central committee is in charge of the Wilayats (provinces.) There are presently 35 Wilayats, 19 in Iraq and Syria and 16 elsewhere. [More...]

In every Wilayat, there are departments called "dawawin", that are in charge of almost every facet of life. There is one for military and war, media, police (the Hisbah), dispute settlement, prisoners, charity, taxes, oil, education, health, and on and on. There are also other offices that are not "dawawin" that control other things, like managing the spoils of war ISIS receives. There's a unit (I can't recall if its a Dawawin or an office and I'm not watching it again) that takes care of the families of its dead fighters.

The video was released by one of ISIS' official media outlets, al-Furqan.

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