Trial Begins for Al-Baghdadi's Ex-Wife in Lebanon

A military trial for Saja Hamid al-Dulaimi, the ex-wife of ISIS leader al-Baghdadi began today in Lebanon on charges of illegal entry into Lebanon (her documents were forged) and belonging to an armed terrorist organization with the intent of carrying out a terrorist attack. Her lawyer says she is willing to provide assistance in the Lebanese Hostage situation.

She has been held for a year, in a cell with her four children, one of whom was born in custody. Her 7 year old daughter Hajar is the child she had with al-Baghdadi, to whom she was married for 2 months.

She was last in court in July, when her trial was postponed because she had no lawyer. She made several statements to the court, including referring to al-Baghdadi as "Hisham Mohammad." [More...]

“I haven’t committed any offense,” she said. “My only crime is that I entered Lebanon as a refugee and I married a [man] called Hisham Mohammad six years ago.” A judicial source explained that Dulaimi could be implying that this was Baghdadi’s real name.

“Our marriage didn’t last because he divorced me, and I didn’t know anything about his affiliations. In prison they informed me that a DNA test proved I was married to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.”

Dulaimi told the court there was no reason for her to remain in prison as she had committed no crime, and petitioned the court for relief on behalf of her young children.

“I have four children, the oldest is 6 years old, and they’ve been with me in General Security’s underground prison for eight months.”

She had her newly born (3 week old child) with her that day. The child's father, Kamal Khalaf, was arrested with her. The judge, Maj. Gen. Khalil Ibrahim, said it was the first he'd heard of her having her kids in her cell. He directed the prosecutor to find a place for them. The prosecutor said he'd find a social institution for them. But, as it turned out, according to today's news, none would take them.

The father of her eldest two children, twins, is Iraqi Fallah Ismail al-Jassem, who according to the article, n 2010, led Jaish al-Rashideen (Army of the Guides), in Anbar province.

16 of the 25 Lebanese hostages are being held by al Nusra, and 9 are held by ISIS. They are policemen and Lebanese army soldiers.

In August, 2014, ISIS beheaded one of the Lebanese soldiers. In December, ISIS released another video, threatening to kill more of them. The would-be executioner spoke French.

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