al-Baghdadi's Ex-Wife Gives Birth in Lebanon

Back in December, 2014, Lebanon claimed to have arrested Saja Abdul Hamid al-Dulaimi, the wife or ex-wife of ISIS leader al Baghdadi. She was caught using a fake passport at the border, along with one of her small children.

Lebanon news is now reporting she has just given birth. She was three weeks pregnant when arrested. Her current husband is Kamal Khalaf, a Palestinian.

The baby was born in a military hospital and she and the baby are now at a General Security detention center. [More...]

The paper says she was married to al Baghdadi for a short time six years ago. Lebanon also said at the time she was arrested that the child she was with (reported in some papers as a boy and in others as a girl) was DNA tested and confirmed to be the child of al Baghdadi. The Washington Post reported they were only married for three months. According to the BBC, Lebanon says she had two sons with her first husband, a daughter with al Baghdadi and was pregnant with the child of her current husband at the time she was arrested.

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