ISIS Shows Off Its Next Generation of Killers

Update: 1/14/15: The fighter standing next to the child soldier who kills the Russian and Kazakh intel agents is Abu Saad al-Dagfhistani. He was killed in Kobane today according to ISIS accounts.

Al Hayat Media, an official media arm of the Islamic State, has a new video (I'm not linking to it) in which two captured Russian/Kazakh intelligence agents confess and are shot and killed. What's unusual is that the killer is about 10 years old. The video shows him prepare to kill the men and then proceed to shoot them in the head. The final screenshot in the video is of the child I wrote about here in an earlier video who was one of many children from Kazakhstan training in a camp in Syria. That child appears to be about 10 years old and looks and sounds female. S/he says to the camera, "We're going to kill you O kuffar...we're going to slaughter you."


One of the two spies in the new video was from Kazakhstan and says he worked for its intelligence agency. The other says he was an agent with Russian intelligence. The Kazakhstan spy says he was sent to Turkey to gather electronic intelligence on ISIS. The Russian spy says he was sent by Russia to find the home of an Islamic state leader. His interrogator tells him to tell the truth, and he (unhappily) says he was sent to kill the leader. They both say they were paid for each piece of information they sent.

My earlier post about the military training camp for Kazakh children included a few screenshots. In addition to the one described above, there was one of a child saying, "I am going to kill you O kuffar. I will be a mujahdid." I got an email from the Kazakhstan government telling me posting photos of children was a violation of international law and telling me to take them down. I removed them from my post. The Daily Mail has not.

I think the world needs to see these pictures. A 10 year old calmly and proudly shooting two men in the head while an adult fighter stands next to him giving a speech is not something most people would believe without seeing it. This is not just child abuse, it is evidence that the Islamic State is grooming a new generation of killers, and the children's facial expressions as they train and kill, which range from matter of fact to pride, is the best evidence that the war against religious extremism is one that will not end for decades.

Instead of censoring the media and threatening them with lawsuits, Kazakhstan and other countries with children being trained and groomed to kill, should tell us what they are doing to prevent this from happening. It's not enough for them to point out there is little threat of radicalization within Kazakhstan and it has strong laws against dissemination of terror propaganda.

More effort should be expended by the U.S. and its allies to stop the flow of recruits into Syria, including putting more pressure on Turkey to control its border. Bombs will not defeat ISIS. Stopping the flow of recruits, including children, into Syria, and reducing ISIS' ability to freely move its equipment and supplies in and out of Syria would be more productive.

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    This will end (none / 0) (#2)
    by NYShooter on Tue Jan 13, 2015 at 07:22:27 PM EST
    when Muslim Clerics, Imams, and Ayatollahs round up a few million of the 95% true, faithful, loving adherents of Islam we're told are out there and that make up the overwhelming majority of followers. Then they can storm the hideouts where those vermin usurpers of Islam concoct their deranged genocidal plots, drag them out by their eyeballs, and show the world what happens to psychopaths who steal their religion, and, murder innocent men, women, and, children "in the name of Allah."