Cleric Abu Hamza Found Guilty on All Counts

The jury in the New York trial of Muslim cleric Mostafa Kamel Mostafa, better known as Abu Hamza al Masri, has convicted him of all 11 terror-related charges.

Abu Hamza testified for four days in his defense. The jury did not believe him. His defense says the jury placed too much emphasis on the "terror camp that wasn't" in Bly, Oregon.

James Ujaama, originally a follower of Abu Hamza, testified against him, as did another former ally turned informant, who testified via videotape from London.

Ujaama also testified a few years ago at the trial of Oussama Kassir, a Swede who was also involved in the Oregon pseudo-camp. Kassir was convicted and got a life sentence.

Hamza is also likely to get a life sentence, possibly at Supermax in Florence, unless they can't accommodate his medical condition (he has no hands and is blind in one eye.) [More...]

Ujaama initially pleaded guilty in Seattle, got a 2 year sentence after agreeing to cooperate for ten years, until 2013, but then fled to Belize while on supervised release to avoid having to cooperate against Abu Hamza and the others. He was caught, his plea deal was voided, and he got an additional 24 months. He then agreed to testify against Kassir and pleaded guilty in 2007 to four terrorism charges in New York, carrying a possible 30 year sentence. More here and here.

CNN reports Ujaama was released in 2010 (Undoubtedly, when sentenced, he'll get time served.)

Here is Abu Hamza's Motion for Judgment of Acquittal submitted May 8 outlining the reasons the case shouldn't go to the jury.

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