James Ujaama Questioned in London Bombing Attack

James Ujaama, the terror suspect arrested by the FBI in Denver in 2002 on a material witness warrant and later charged in Seattle with trying to set up an al-Qaeda training camp in Bly, Oregon, has been questioned in the London bombing case. DOJ made a cooperation deal with Ujaama in 2003, and gave him a two year sentence (long over) provided he continue cooperating with them until 2013.

TalkLeft covered his case extensively, particularly because he was originally from Denver -- his aunt was formerly married to Denver Mayor Wellington Webb's son. The Rocky Mountain News reported the connection, which did not please Mayor Webb.

Ujaama was born in Denver as James Thompson. He moved with his family to Seattle when he was 5. His aunt was formerly married to Mayor Wellington Webb's son. The Mayor was unhappy when the Rocky Mountain News printed the connection. But News publisher John Temple thought it was relevant reporting because "the raid occurred in a home now maintained by the ex-wife of the mayor's son, Allen Sr." and because the mayor's 15 year old granddaughter Jamie, cousin to James Ujaama, was in the house at the time police surrounded it to make the arrest. The neighbors reported that Jamie ran out of the house hysterical, claiming that the police had put a gun to her head, which the police have denied. (Rocky Mountain News, July 27).

When Ujaama was arrested in Denver, it was as a material witness in the 9/11 investigation. Ujaama allegedly sold laptops to the Taliban before Sept. 11 and maintained a website with Anti-American sentiment. He had a secret hearing in Denver after which he was moved to Alexandria, VA.

At first there was a question as to whether Ujaama was a terrorist or an entrepreneur. After being indicted in Seattle, the Seattle Post Intelligencer obtained videos of Ujaama proclaiming a Muslim State. Ujaama gave an interview to the Rocky Mountain News (July 24, 2002) and denied reports that he had supplied laptop computers to the Taliban but admitted that he helped design a British website, StopAmerica.org while in London, a place he has also lived. He made no secret of his belief that the American government is corrupt and the bombing campaign in Afghanistan was unjustified. But he also said he had never heard of Al Qaeda before September 11.

Based on Ujaama's cooperation, an indictment was obtained here against Muslim Cleric Abu Hamza al-Masri (the one with one eye and hooks for hands.) Al-Masri's trial was imminent in London at the time of the London bombings - which could be one motive for the bombings.

Ujaama has always maintained the Bly, Oregon camp was not intended as a terrorist training camp:

Still, when he was sentenced, Ujaama continued to insist that the ranch in Oregon was intended not for terrorism but for "legitimate and legal religious training". "I have come to accept it was illegal in the US," he added. "I don't agree with that law, and that's my right." This sounds less like a man who has repented of terrorism than a man forced to buy his liberty with his conscience.

So, now, Ujaama is back in London being questioned in the London subway bombing investigation.

The DOJ press release on Ujaama's sentencing is here.

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