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Yahoo Addresses Hack of 500 Million User Accounts

Here's Yahoo's statement on the hack of 500 million user accounts by what it suspects is "a state sponsored actor."

What they got: users' names, emails, phone numbers, and dates of birth.

What they didn't get: bank account and payment information which are stored in a different system.

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Emmys 2016

Update: I think Jimmy Kimmel is doing a terrific job.

I loved the part with his mother making PB&J sandwiches for everyone. Great delivery on line about how people who are allergic to peanuts are out of luck, they could only afford one epi-pen.

I also liked his asking Marcia Clark if she was rooting for OJ tonight. And the Trump bashing -- by everyone. Kimmel's best Trump line: "If it wasn't for television, would Donald Trump be running for president? He would be at home right now rubbing up against his wife Malaria."[More...]

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Facebook Reverses Censhorship of Iconic Kim Phúc Photo

Photo courtesy of Aftenposten

Facebook censored the iconic "Napalm Girl" photo of 9 year old Phan Thi Kim Phúc. If you are not familiar with the photo or the story behind it:

In June 1972, when she was just 9 years old, Phuk suffered burns on over 65 percent of her body when American forces mistakenly dropped napalm bombs on the South Vietnamese temple where she and her family had taken refuge.

Associated Press photographer Nick Ut's photograph of her running naked and screaming from the flames became an iconic image of the Vietnam War – and earned him a Pulitzer.

The Pulitzer prize winning photo has been reprinted everywhere, including family friendly People Magazine. The photo is largely credited with turning public opinion against the Vietnam War.

About two weeks ago, a Norwegian writer named Tom Egeland posted the photo on Facebook in an article about 7 photos that changed the face of war. Facebook censored and removed it, causing a media uproar in Norway. [More..]

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Arianna Leaves HuffPo for Wellness Venture

Arianna Huffington is leaving HuffPo to start a new wellness venture called Thrive Global. She announced the new venture in June, but thought at the time she'd be able to do both. Today she said that's simply not possible, so she's leaving Huffpo.

I think this is a great move for Arianna. So many people approaching her age (and mine) are focused on health and well-being. [More...]

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Michelle Obama Rocks it Out With James Corden

Here's the full version of Carpool Karaoke with First Lady Michelle Obama and James Corden, with Missy Elliott along for part of the ride.

Michelle Obama had all the moves and perfect timing. Not to mention incredibly toned arms. She really rocked it out. And James Corden...I just don't know where he gets all that talent from, his adorable parents notwithstanding. Even the opening scene where he gets ordered around by the White House Guard was funny. He sings, dances, tell jokes, has perfect delivery and timing, his monologues are funny, and he is just so happy while he's doing all this. I'm still a huge fan.

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Another O.J. Simpson Series

I really didn't intend to watch the ESPN series on O.J. Simpson (OJ: Made in America.) I happened upon Episode 3 while channel-clicking and there was the Bronco chase.

So far I much prefer this documentary to the American Crime Story version. It's reality. It's pretty much how I remember the case as it happened. I just wish the series relied less on commentary by cops, the D.A. and reporters (except for Jeffrey Toobin.) The cops are a real turn-off, the prosecutors are typically biased and the reporters (other than Toobin) add absolutely nothing. [More...]

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The Tony Awards

James Corden nails the Tony's. What a great opening. He brings such energy, positivity and glee to everything he does. I think he's so great.

This is a Tony's thread, I'll put up an open thread soon.

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New Woody Allen Film Opens Cannes Festival

Can Mia Farrow's children please shut up already? I can't believe there's a new article with one of them blasting Woody Allen (and the media) for not giving his sister's decades-old allegations that have traveled around the globe several times as much attention as he thinks they deserve.

The launching pad for this new attack is Woody Allen's new film, Cafe Society, which is opening the Cannes Film Festival.

Woody Allen is a filmmaker, not an elected official. He's not our father. If you have a problem with your father, discuss it among yourselves, and if you think a crime was committed report it. If the authorities don't act on the allegations, leave us out of it. [More...]

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New Details in Prince Death Investigation

The Minneapolis Star Tribune reports new details in the investigation into the death of Prince. It sounds like an intervention was in the works.

Andrew Kornfeld was one of the three people at Paisley Park the morning Prince was discovered in his elevator. Kornfeld works for a rehab facility in California owned by his father, Dr. Howard Kornfeld. Prince's staff called Dr. Howard Kornfeld the night of April 20, saying there was a "grave medical emergency." Kornfeld couldn't go to MN immediately, so he sent his son to explain the program to Prince, and arranged for a local doctor to do an initial assessment. Dr. Kornfeld intended to fly to MN the next day.

Andrew Kornfeld took the redeye to MN and got to Prince's house the next morning, intending to begin the process of explaining his father's program and convince Prince to enter treatment there. In other words, an intervention. But he never got to meet with Prince.[More...]

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United Shades of America Visits San Quentin

CNN's new series, United Shades of America with comedian and social commentator W. Kamau Bell, airing on Sunday evenings is worth watching. Two episodes aired last night: one on the KKK and one on San Quentin.

In the KKK episode, Bell meets with a grand wizard of the KKK. Their conversation is quite awkward.

The second episode, where Bell goes behind the walls of San Quentin (but not death row) to interview the prisoners and staff and show the human side of the inmates, is very well done.

Props to both CNN, for commissioning a series that focuses on our over-reliance on prison, and to Bell. In the San Quentin episode, Bell skillfully uses humor to gain the confidence of the inmates, who otherwise I suspect would not be so have been so candid and cooperative in their interviews. [More...]

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Obama and the White House Corres. Dinner

President Obama made the most of his final White House Correspondents' Dinner last night. While he probably can't take credit for the content of the jokes (written by others), he did a great job delivering them. He really had the timing down.

Obama and the jokes were funny and entertaining, especially about Trump, Cruz and Kasich. Here are some of the funnier ones.

Larry Wilmore gave the comedy monologue. I didn't care for him. He wasn't funny, just insulting. [More....]

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SNL's Heroin Parody: Praise It, Don't Condemn It

Seriously? People are criticizing Saturday Night Live and calling for a boycott over this parody skit? It doesn't glorify heroin use -- just the opposite. Did these people miss the ghoulish dragons laughing like hyenas at the end? The skit not only makes using heroin unappealing, it turns it into something totally uncool, by portraying it as something your uncool parents do. What could be more of a turn-off to teens?

Mocking heroin use is likely to be far more of a deterrent than scaring kids or the usual "just say no" message. [More...]

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Monday Night TV

I'm so excited that Senor de Los Cielos returns tonight for season 4. It's on Telemundo and has English captioning. At 8:00 (MT), you can watch a special that recaps the first three seasons. At 9:00, the first episode of Season 4 begins.

Here's my recap
of the last season from the finale.

On the recap episode tonight: This is not a show that hesitates to kill off beloved characters, which adds to the suspense, but it's sad watching because some were so good and such a central part of the show for seasons, and it's a reminder we won't be seeing them again.


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Rolling Stones: ¡Hola Cuba!

How much do the Rolling Stones appreciate Cuba? Here's their message in Spanish.

At their historic free concert in Havana tonight, they opened with Jumpin Jack Flash. Cuban officials expected 500k to attend. The stage the Stones shipped to Havana for the concert was the length of a city block. Then there's the gear (which included 10 huge video screens by the stage):

Organizers told Billboard that the high-tech production meant importing gear in 61 sea containers and a packed Boeing 747.

The Cuban contribution to the technical side of the concert was decidedly lower-key. As nearly everywhere else in Cuba, there was no wifi signal at the sports complex, and as the crowds grew even cellphones stopped working.

No wonder there's been few live updates on Twitter -- few Cubans can access it, given their limited internet access.

The Pope, meanwhile, wanted the Stones concert halted because it was Good Friday. I'm glad he didn't prevail. (The article has the video of their plane landing and them disembarking. Pretty cool.) [More...]

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Nancy Reagan Dies at Age 94

Former First Lady Nancy Reagan has died at age 94 of congestive heart failure.

No personal attacks on her in comments please. We don't speak ill of the dead here on the occasion of their death.

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