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The Hillary Clinton Hour

I'll be live blogging the Hillary Clinton segment and speech below the fold. She is scheduled to come on in about a half an hour. There is a video and Chelsea Clinton will introduce her mother.

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Convention Open Thread 2

Bob Casey is on now, then Mark Warner, then the "Hillary Clinton Segment," with Hillary speaking at around 10:30. Her speech is said to be about 20 minutes.

Casey spending some time praising Hillary Clinton. Casey is trying to deliver some red meat. The lines are lame but, hell, they are better than nothing. The line is "Four more months." Um, ok. I prefer my formulation "Say No To Bush's Third Term. Say No To McCain."

I'll write about Warner on the flip.

This is an Open CONVENTION Thread.

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Not Covering The Convention

Corrente catches this bit from Chuck Todd:

Beginning Tuesday night and extending at least midway through Wednesday, you’ll have to forgive those of us in the media if you hear us humming the song “You’re So Vain.” The Clintons will probably think this convention’s about them.

Interestingly, there is nothing stopping NBC and CNN and so on from actually covering the speeches being delivered by people OTHER THAN Bill and Hillary Clinton. It is not Bill and Hillary Clinton's fault that Chuck Todd, Chris Matthews and the entire NBC network can't help themselves. Excuse me Chuck, that is an incredibly stupid thing to say. I hope you are not too vain, cause even though this post is about you, it is to point out a stupid thing you wrote.

By Big Tent Democrat, speaking for me only

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Convention Open Thread

There seems to be an unstated desire for a Convention Open Thread. Please keep your comments germane to the post you are commenting in.

Kathleen Sebelius is speaking now. Very . . . erm . . . calm. Obama dodged a bullet there. Can't even deliver a line worth a damn.

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Bloggers vs. Big Media at the DNC

Jane at Firedoglake has an excellent post, HuffPo Lunch: Dirty Bloggers Eatin’ Cold Salmon. Big donors and corporate sponsors continue to make the Democrats' world go round. There are many different levels of media access at the convention. Thankfully, we're still dirty hippies in that world.

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DNC: Tuesday Night 's Final Hour

The DNCC just sent out the final schedule for tonight at the Democratic National Convention. The final hour -- 8:00 to 9:00pm MT -- will feature the following, in order:

  • Ret. Rear Admiral John Hutson
    President, Franklin Pierce Law Center in Concord, New Hampshire, Lifelong Republican


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Monday Night Pepsi Center Video

Here's my video of my travels through the Pepsi Center last night. It's very raw and shaky and very different from what pro video-bloggers would post but I think you get a real sense of being in the Pepsi Center from it. [More...]

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Emily's List Gala With Michelle, Hillary and Nancy

2,500 people signed up to attend the Emily's List Gala at 2pm today.

Hillary just began speaking and you can watch it online here.

I'll update.[More below]

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Monday Photos From the Big Tent and Pepsi Center

Am I the only one who got a picture of Frank Sinatra's wife Barbara Marx? I took it at the Huffington Post Oasis today at the Big Tent site. (Added: It's Barbara Marx Hubbard.)

On to the Pepsi Center.[More...]

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First Night Recap

Michelle Obama did a great job I thought. It was important political work as well, as she improved her own image and the end, when Barack Obama appeared via satellite and the Obama kids were impossibly cute, was terrific political theatre.

The Teddy Kennedy segment was moving.

The rest of the Convention night, at least on television, was terrible. Just terrible. As bad as I have ever seen. Boring, aimless, pointless. I have no idea why this was done but it can not happen again. Of course Hillary Clinton's speech will likely be a highlight. But what about the rest of the night? No repeat of last night please. If a glove was laid upon McCain and the Republicans, I did not see it.

By Big Tent Democrat, speaking for me only

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Monday Photos: Ted Kennedy, Michelle Obama

Here's some photos taken up close of Michelle Obama and Teddy Kennedy (and his son):

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The Pepsi Center Tonight

I just got back from the Pepsi Center and will upload my photos and video and some thoughts as soon as I download and edit them.

It was an exciting night -- especially since I ended up with a floor pass and was able to roam the entire Pepsi Center, from the bottom-most level where all the production stuff was going on to the club levels and private suites and the floor where the delegates sat and news networks were recording.

Caroline Kennedy looked absolutely goregous, as did Michelle Obama. On the way out I saw Theresa Kerry and asked to take a photograph, but it came out completely blurry. She looked terrific as well.

I also have video (if any came out) and will be back soon to post it all, along with some thoughts and sightings.

I was very proud of Denver tonight.

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Wind In the Sails!

Ships in the harbor are safe," someone once said,  "but this is not what ships are made for."  And sometimes relationships become not partnerships in life's great adventure but excuses to stop ourselves from growing, taking risks, and living life to the fullest.

--Arianna Huffington, On Becoming Fearless.

This is the first page that I opened of Arianna's book that was being offered to bloggers that I picked up at her "Huffington Post Oasis: to unplug and recharge," a new age Yoga,  massage and meditation quiet zone on the third floor of the crazy zoo that is the Big Tent.

Jeralyn and I arrived earlier in the day, just as Arianna was swarmed by flashing bulbs, cameras, reporters and bloggers all wanting to talk to her about, well, everything. It was like watching the Marilyn Monroe/ Katharine Graham of the DNC. She maneuvered gracefully and through the crowd and gave her time and attention as if each reporter was the only one in the room. [more...]

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Michelle Obama Thread

Here's a thread for commenting on the Michelle Obama segment and speech scheduled to begin at 10 pm EDT.

Hmm, Republican Jim Leach to speak during the network hour? Bad idea. Scratch that, networks ignoring Leach. Guess that was the plan.

Michelle is on and showing great polish and skill. Looks like she will deliver a good speech. After Teddy, Michelle is the clear highlight of the night. She is doing good.

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Obama Spokesman: Bill Clinton Not A Racist

Chris "Tweety" Matthews asked Obama spokesman David Gibbs if Bill Clinton was a racist. He said no, Bill Clinton is not a racist. Good to know.

To be fair, Gibbs was incredibly effusive in his praise of President Clinton and Senator Clinton. His appearance was excellent. Struck the exact right tone in my opinion. But let's face it, it's not good when those type of questions are being asked.

By Big Tent Democrat, speaking for me only

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