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Huckabee Explains Maurice Clemmons Clemency Decision

Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee has a new op-ed in the Washington Post explaining his grant of clemency to Maurice Clemmons, suspected of killing four police officers in Seattle.

He explains why he granted clemency to Clemmons, noting that no one objected and if the same information was available to him today, he'd make the same decision. Any fault, he says, lies with prosecutors' decisions in later years.[More...]

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Seattle Police Shoot and Kill Maurice Clemmons

Maurice Clemmons, the suspected killer of four police officers in Seattle, was shot and killed early this morning by a police officer. The officer noticed an unoccupied car with its engine running. Clemons was outside the car.

The officer approached Clemmons outside the car and asked him to show his hands, but the suspect refused and started to run around the car, Pugil said. The police officer, who recognized Clemmons from photographs, then shot and killed him, the assistant chief said.

Was it really necessary to shoot and kill him? Had he displayed a weapon? Wouldn't a stun gun have done the trick? After killing him, police found a weapon on him that belonged to one of the slain officers. Did the police see it before shooting? More details here.

The authorities sound relieved Clemmons is dead. I'm sure a lot of people agree. But I hope the shooting is legally justified. (Update: Here's the report of the shooting on the Seattle police website.)

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