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John Walker Lindh Moved to Supermax

John Walker Lindh, known as the "American Taliban" has been moved to Supermax at Florence, Colorado from a medium security prison.

Last week he sought a sentence reduction. Are the two related?

The Bureau of Prisons says the move is for security reasons. Whose security? John Walker Lindh's? I have a hard time believing they can't find a place other than Supermax to keep him safe. Where are the cops who have been convicted of federal crimes doing their sentences? I haven't heard of any at Supermax.


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"American Taliban" John Walker Lindh Seeks Sentence Reduction

In wake of the 6 year sentence imposed on Australian David Hicks by a military tribunal jury last week, lawyers for "American Taliban" John Walker Lindh are seeking a reduction of his 20 year sentence.

"It is a question of proportionality. It is a question of fairness, and it is a question of the religious experience John Walker Lindh had," attorney James Brosnahan said. "And it was not in any way directed at the United States."

Lindh is seeking a commutation from President Bush. Fat chance it will be granted. In 2004, he sought a commutation arguing he shouldn't be treated more harshly than Yaser Hamdi, who served three years. As I said at the time he was sentenced, he didn't deserve 20 years. It was a trophy sentence for the Ashcroft Justice Department. I still don't see what crime he committed against the United States.

Hopefully, after 2008, a Democratic President will see his situation without the 9/11 blinders on.

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