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Splitsville for the Pirros

It's about time Jeanine got rid of that guy.

After standing by her man as he served a federal prison sentence, admitted fathering a child with another woman and embarrassed her political campaign by telling the press she was not giving him enough attention, Jeanine F. Pirro is separating from her husband, a family spokesman said yesterday.

The split comes a year after Ms. Pirro lost her bid to become state attorney general, in a campaign that was hounded by personal concerns as the couple’s marriage troubles made headlines and Ms. Pirro acknowledged that she was under federal investigation for plotting to record her husband, Albert J. Pirro, to catch him in a suspected affair.


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Who's Leaking Bernie Kerik's Phone Calls?

Newsweek reports on the apparent looming indictment against Bernie Kerik, using non-public, law enforcement records of his phone calls, showing that around the time he withdrew his nomination as Homeland Security chief, he spoke several times with his one-time girlfriend, former prison guard Jeanette Pinero, and with New Jersey businessman Frank DiTommaso.

Kerik was in the midst of a civil lawsuit by another prison guard who alleged Bernie passed him over for promotion because of the guard's disputes with Pinero. That suit was later recently tossed by the judge. Some details about the connection between Kerik and diTommaso are here.

Who would leak the phone records, which I assume are matters before the grand jury and secret under Rule 6(e)? I doubt it's Bernie's side. It's possible grand jury witnesses were shown the records during their testimony ....but I doubt they would have received a copy to take home and then turn over to Newsweek.


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Jeanine Pirro Gets Her Own Talk Show

New York's losing Attorney General candidate, Jeanine Pirro, won't be crying in her spilled milk.

Instead, she'll be raking in $1 million a year as host of her own Warner Brothers television talk show.

Good luck Jeanine, break a leg. We are all much safer and freer with you on television than directing crime policy.

My prediction: the show will be a big hit. Guilt still sells in America.

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Giuliani Employee Investigated in Pirro-Gate

Rudy Giuliani's friends may be his undoing. First, Bernie Kerik, the subject of a federal wiretap investigation who has already pleaded guilty to a minor charge. Then Bernie surfaces in the Jeanine Pirro bugging investigation, and now, according to the New York Times:

The politics of the Pirro investigation, which was disclosed on Wednesday, seemed more tangled yesterday. Two lawyers with knowledge of the inquiry said that subpoenas had been issued to one current and one former employee of Giuliani Security and Safety, a division of the consulting firm founded by former Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani.

A third man, who works at the company, has been interviewed by F.B.I. agents as part of the inquiry, the lawyers said. All three men were very close to Bernard B. Kerik, the former New York City police commissioner, whom Ms. Pirro consulted in the summer of 2005 about secretly taping her husband, Albert. In the conversations, which were recorded by authorities and detailed in reports on WNBC-TV, Mr. Kerik indicated at one point that he had asked a contact at Mr. Giuliani's firm to find him a recording device.

Mr. Giuliani, who appointed Mr. Kerik police commissioner and has been close to him, is in the midst of deliberations about whether to run for president in 2008.

Naturally, Rudy dumps on Jeanine:

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