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Defiant Times Square Bomber Sentenced to Life in Prison

Update: Here's the transcript of today's sentencing of Faisal Shahzad. On his Miranda rights:
We Muslims don't abide by human-made laws, because they are always corrupt. And I had a firsthand experience when on the second day of my arrest I asked for the Miranda. And the FBI denied it to me for two weeks, effecting harm to my kids and family, and I was forced to sign those Mirandas.


Faisal Shahzad, who unsuccessfully attempted to set off a bomb in Times Square, was sentenced to six life terms today in federal court.

A defiant Shahzad said "Allahu Akbar" -- Arabic for "God is great" -- after the judge sentenced him to the mandatory life imprisonment.


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U.S. Seeks Life Sentence for Times Square Bomber

The Government is seeking a life sentence against failed Times Square bomber Faisal Shahzad.

“The premeditated attempt to kill and maim scores of unsuspecting innocent men, women and children with a homemade bomb can only be described as utterly reprehensible,” the prosecutors said.

The Government also says Shahzad was financed by the Pakistani Taliban and planned another bomb two weeks later.

So no credit for his waiving his Miranda rights and talking to the feds.

[T]he government also revealed that during Mr. Shahzad’s cooperation with Federal Bureau of Investigation agents and police detectives after his arrest, he “never expressed any remorse for his conduct.” They said he spoke with pride about what he and his co-conspirators had done, much as he did in court when he pleaded guilty.

Shahzad will be sentenced October 5.

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Times Square Car Bomb Plotter Pleads Guilty, No Deal

Faisal Shahzad, the defendant in the failed Times Square car bomb plot, pleaded guilty to all charges today, apparently without a plea deal. A Government source says prosecutors will be requesting the maximum sentence, despite his two weeks of voluntarily answering questions.

A source familiar with the case told CNN that prosecutors will ask for the maximum sentence on the charges during sentencing, which is scheduled for October 5.

The source said there was no plea deal and no cooperation deal. That means that, despite the fact that Shahzad cooperated with prosecutors for two weeks after his arrest, they will not request any preferential treatment for him.

He faces a mandatory life sentence on one of the counts. [More...]

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Holder and Cops Talking Out of School

A headline reads: "Faisal Shahzad confesses to Times Square terror plot; admits he trained for 5 months in Pakistan

Memo to Attorney General Eric Holder:
Re: U.S. v. Faisal Shahzad
From : TalkLeft.com

Dear Mr. Holder:

You and law enforcement agents investigating the Times Square failed car bomb attempt have released information about the content of post-arrest incriminating statements Mr.Faisal Shahzad made to authorities. Your statements are improper extrajudicial comments that fail to comport with both the mandatory ethical rules professional conduct and the suggested ABA Standards on Prosecution Functions and Criminal Justice.

Example 1:

Shahzad, 30, confessed to the Saturday night plot to ignite a fireball in crowded Times Square after he was arrested late Monday at JFK Airport, said Attorney General Eric Holder.

Example II: [More...]

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