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MSNBC Changes Prime Time Lineup

Beginning Thursday, Rachel Maddow takes over the 9pm ET slot at MSNBC, replacing Dan Abrams' show, The Verdict.

Mr. Abrams, who is well liked at MSNBC, is expected to remain both there and at NBC News, where he is the chief legal correspondent. He will also serve as an anchor during some of MSNBC’s daytime coverage, as well as a substitute host on NBC’s “Weekend Today” show.

I wonder how much of Olbermann's popularity is due to Rachel's constant presence as a guest, which she obviously can't keep doing with a new show of her own.

I like Rachel. I hope she does well. And I hope Dan's back on the air with his own show soon -- one about legal issues, which is what I think he does the best.

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Abrams: The Media Shoudn't Write Off Hillary Clinton

Dan Abrams tonight on MSNBC counts the reasons the media is counting Hillary Clinton out too soon. He says "Obama lovers" have become obsessed and are incapable of making an objective analysis. To balance him, he's got two guests who are pro-Obama, and Lawrence O'Donnell who is playing the part of the unbiased observer:

1. She's ahead in polls in Ohio, Texas and PA. She gets a win in New Mexico. And the story line is "what if she loses?" No one is talking about the possibility that she could win big in those states.

2. Her campaign is re-tooling her field campaign.

3. The superdelegates: She's leading 260 to 181. Dan has been trashing the process for the last two weeks, but he says, these are the rules and she's ahead there. He says if it's close enough at convention time, we'll see a big fight for them.

4. The underdog factor. She has it now.

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