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Report: Caroline Kennedy Withdraws Name For Senate Seat

Update: It's official. Caroline Kennedy released a statement just after midnight saying she withdrew her name.

Update: Commenters below are saying David Gregory reported on Maddow tonight that the media got it wrong and she has not withdrawn her name.

****With Hillary Clinton confirmed as Secretary of State, it will only be a matter of days before New York Governor David Paterson names her replacement.

It won't be Caroline Kennedy who withdrew her name from consideration this afternoon for personal reasons, specifically, the health of her uncle, Senator Ted Kennedy.

Who's left? [More...]

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The (Questionable) Value of Experience

I thought that since the election was over, we might begin to get off of this recent ongoing debate train about how much experience really matters, and when, and with what, and blah-dee-blah. No such luck. Caroline Kennedy has gone and muddied my happy spirit and is publically jostling her way into getting the New York Senate seat vacated by Hillary Clinton, alighting the experience debate anew. And so, instead of stewing about it for another month, wanting it to go away like a bad cold or food poisoning, I'm going to write a diary on TalkLeft to vent my frustrations about the whole mess.

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Caroline Kennedy to Seek NY Senate Seat

The New York Times and Washington Post report Caroline Kennedy has now told New York Governor David Paterson she'd like to be the new Senator from New York.

Several people are questioning her credentials and whether she's sufficiently experienced for the position.

Caroline Kennedy is a Columbia Law graduate and co-author of two books: In Our Defense: The Bill of Rights in Action and The Right to Privacy . In addition, [More...]:

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