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Giuliani Reacts to Regan-Fox-Bernie Lawsuit: With a Laugh

Rudy Giuliani was asked today about Judith Regan's lawsuit against News Corp (details here) which alleges that Fox executives told her to lie to investigators and withhold documents about Bernie Kerik in order to protect Rudy's presidential aspirations. His response:

The candidate laughed when reporters asked for his response to one-time publishing powerhouse Judith Regan's $100 million lawsuit claiming that her former employers directed her to lie to federal investigators about Kerik because of the implications for Giuliani.

"I don't respond to the story at all. I don't know anything about it. And, it sounds to me like a kind of gossip column story more than a real story,"

That's Rudy, burying his head in the sand with an "I don't know anything about it." Will the press leave it at that?

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Judith Regan Alleges Fox Told Her to Lie About Bernie to Protect Rudy

Maybe now this story will gain some traction in the media. It's been way too lenient on the connection between Bernie Kerik and Rudy Guiliani. There were headlines for one day and then no one asked the tough questions, the ones about what Rudy knew about Bernie and his alleged ties to mob associates and a company with alleged ties to mob associates and when he knew it.

The New York Times reports that publisher and former Fox News talk show host Judith Regan has filed a 70 page lawsuit against News Corp and Harper Collins in state court in Manhattan over her abrupt firing during the firestorm over her planned publication of O.J. Simpson's book about how he might have killed Nicole Brown Simpson. The text of the lawsuit is here.(pdf)

Regan alleges in the lawsuit that a Fox executive told her to lie to federal investigators about her relationship with Bernie Kerik in order to protect Rudy Giuliani. She says another Fox exec told her not to turn over relevant documents.

Among the reported details of the Regan-Kerik affair:

Ms. Regan had an affair with Mr. Kerik, who is married, beginning in the spring of 2001, when her imprint, Regan Books, began work on his memoir, “The Lost Son.” In December 2004, after the relationship had ended and shortly after Mr. Kerik’s homeland security nomination fell apart, newspapers reported that the two had carried on the affair at an apartment near Ground Zero that had been donated as a respite for rescue and recovery workers.

Fox claimed it fired Regan for alleged anti-semitic comments.

Then there's this from the December 15, 2004, New York Post:

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Bernie Kerik, Rudy and Larry Ray

Larry Ray, who figures prominently in the Bernie Kerik indictment, has an interesting history.

Here he is with Rudy Giuliani and Mikhail Gorbachev in a photo taken on December 19 or 20, 1997 that was hanging in Bernie's office. The official mayoral picture in the archives (minus Ray) is here.

Ray was providing security for Gorbachev. Gorbachev was in town promoting a Pizza Hut commerical he had made to make money for his Gorbachev foundation. (Pizza Hut was really big in Russia back then.) I've inserted who's who into a larger version of the photo here.

Here's a picture of Bernie and Ray.

Ray was best man at Bernie's wedding on November 1, 1998. Donna Hanover, Rudy's then wife, attended the wedding but Rudy didn't. Why not?


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NY Times on Rudy and Bernie

A New York Times editorial today explains why the Bernie Kerik indictment impacts Rudy's bid for the presidency.

The men have an extraordinarily close bond. Mr. Giuliani plucked Mr. Kerik from obscurity to make him correction commissioner. He made him police commissioner even though he may have been briefed about Mr. Kerik’s ties to the company suspected of links to organized crime. Mr. Giuliani also made him a partner in his security business and promoted him for the Homeland Security Department post.

Two important questions are precisely what are the mistakes the former mayor thinks he made in trusting Mr. Kerik, and how can voters be sure that he would not make them again as president, when the stakes for a disastrous appointment would be so much higher.

The second question is the most important one. The answer is we can't be sure, and Rudy must be judged by his past actions. He ignored too many red flags about Kerik. Perhaps it's a case of willful blindness, of being the ostrich burying his head in the sand. Perhaps it's classic arrogance. Perhaps Rudy is just a bad judge of character.

Either way, Rudy put personal loyalty to Kerik above the good of the nation in recommending Kerik to Bush for the Homeland Security job. Rudy doesn't deserve another chance. He doesn't get to say "trust me." There's no do-over on this one.

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Kerik Subject of 2005 Wiretap

Anyone expecting a speedy trial in the case of Bernie Kerik is bound to disappointed. The Government today turned over 20 cartons of discovery and the results of a 2005 wiretap on Kerik's cell phone that yielded 2,500 calls.

The defense will challenge the the wiretap and that alone will take many months to resolve. Details of Bernie's phone calls were reported by Newsweek in April, prompting me to ask, who leaked them? Now I'm wondering when in 2005 they got the wiretap, and what was the probable cause for it?

The defense may also need time to conduct an investigation of international scope:

Among the new allegations in the indictment are charges that Mr. Kerik failed to disclose the $250,000 loan from an unnamed Brooklyn businessman in June 2003; Mr. Kerik was in Iraq helping to train a new police force at the time. The indictment alleges he knew that the money had come from “a wealthy Israeli industrialist whose companies did business with the federal government.” The loan was repaid in June 2005.

I don't see this case going to trial for a year -- which would put it after the 2008 elections. That may lessen Rudy's Bernie curse.

Update: Another good read from the past: Bernie in his own words in New York Magazine, Tears of a Cop.

Update: Wiretap mystery solved below.

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Bernie Kerik Indicted

Reuters is reporting Bernie Kerik was indicted this afternoon. He'll be arraigned tomorrow in federal court in White Plains New York.

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Bernie Kerik Expects Indictment Around Nov. 15

ABC News reports Bernie Kerik is telling friends and his legal team he expects to be indicted on tax and bribery charges by November 15, at the latest.

The statute of limitations expires on Nov. 15. Months ago, his lawyers and DOJ agreed to extend the statute until then.

I thought there might be another extension, but it looks now like there won't be.

Rather than rehash what I've already written, here are some good Village Voice artices from 2005 and 2006 summing up Rudy's Bernie troubles and explaining Bernie' s state guilty pleas last year.

Russ Buettner for the Daily News has been following the case from the beginning. Here's his article on Bernie's 9/11 "Love Nest" (woven into a great post by the late Steve Gilliard, and a compilation of articles at Citizens for Judicial Accountability.

My 48 posts (to date) on Kerik are accessible at this link.

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Rudy and Kerik: The Red Flags Rudy Didn't See

The New York Times has a new, five page article article on Rudy Giuliani's Bernie Kerik problem, explaining how it casts doubt on his credibility, his leadership potential and his judgment.

I've written about this so many times, most recently here, but there are some new tidbits in the article, so let's review. For a theme, think, "The Red Flags Rudy Didn't See."

The principal flag, while not being the first one, dates to 2000, before Rudy made Bernie police commissioner. It concerns Kerik's lobbying activities for Interstate, a construction company with reputed mob-ties and millions in city contracts that employed both Kerik's brother and Larry Ray, his good friend and best man at his wedding.

Initially, Rudy said he didn't know about Kerik's ties to Interstate or Ray at the time.

“I was not informed of it,” Mr. Giuliani said then, when asked if he had been warned about Mr. Kerik’s relationship with Interstate before appointing him to the police post in 2000.

In 2006, Rudy got called to the grand jury investigating Kerik. He acknowledged that Ed Kuriansky, then the city's investigations commissioner, had told him he briefed Rudy on the matter. But, Rudy told the grand jury, he didn't recall that Kuriansky had told him specifically about Kerik's ties to Interstate or Larry Ray.


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Mukasey, Rudy and Bernie Kerik

While everyone is focused on Michael Mukasey's refusal to acknowledge that waterboarding is torture, another story is being overlooked.

A must read: Wayne Barrett's latest in the Village Voice, No Skeletons in My Closet.

When Mukasey was nominated, I expressed concern about his closeness to Rudy Giuliani.That concern has just grown exponentially.

After reading Barrett, I'm wondering whether the reason Mukasey is willing to take on the Attorney General job for a short 14 months is because Rudy has promised to keep him in the spot should he become President.

Mukasey has said he'd recuse himself from the expected impending federal indictment of Bernie Kerik. But, as Barrett explains, Kerik is just one of many cases with connections to Rudy that the Justice Department will be handling. Mukasey's son, a partner in Bracewell-Guiliani, plays a key role in many of them.

There's also the question about whether Mukasey has been honest or complete in his description of his political activities on behalf of Rudy, particularly while he was a federal judge and not supposed to be politically active.

Here are but two examples:

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Bernie Kerik Makes Last Plea to Avoid Federal Indictment

The New York Daily News reports that Rudy Giuliani pal Bernie Kerik, already disgraced from his failed nomination for Homeland Security Secretary and guilty pleas for state tax violations, is sending his lawyers to Washington for a last-chance meeting with the Justice Department to avoid indictment on federal tax charges:

Kerik's lawyers recently agreed to waive the statute of limitations on the tax charges until Nov. 17, which will allow them to make one last plea to try to ease the pain.

Kerik will go to the Justice Department in Washington in the coming weeks to try to get expected criminal tax charges reduced to civil fines.

Kerik still faces probable charges of bribery and obstruction of justice over a secret meeting with former Giuliani officials in Tribeca in 1999.


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Kerik Bemoans Losing Giuliani as a Friend

I'm on my way out of town, but first, had to post this new interview with Bernie Kerik lamenting the loss of Rudy as a friend. The more remarkable part is how he describes his own troubles. Brutally honest about his depression.

He's in Jordan and reportedly about to face a federal indictment in the U.S. (More here.)

I wonder if the feds could or would extradite him back from Jordan. Whichever way you cut it, exile in Jordan or a a federal criminal trial in the U.S., life hasn't been easy for Rudy's friend since Rudy got the brilliant idea of Bush nominating him for Homeland Security chief. (More here.)

Kerik was a deer caught in the headlights -- in way over his head. Rudy should have known better.

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Who's Leaking Bernie Kerik's Phone Calls?

Newsweek reports on the apparent looming indictment against Bernie Kerik, using non-public, law enforcement records of his phone calls, showing that around the time he withdrew his nomination as Homeland Security chief, he spoke several times with his one-time girlfriend, former prison guard Jeanette Pinero, and with New Jersey businessman Frank DiTommaso.

Kerik was in the midst of a civil lawsuit by another prison guard who alleged Bernie passed him over for promotion because of the guard's disputes with Pinero. That suit was later recently tossed by the judge. Some details about the connection between Kerik and diTommaso are here.

Who would leak the phone records, which I assume are matters before the grand jury and secret under Rule 6(e)? I doubt it's Bernie's side. It's possible grand jury witnesses were shown the records during their testimony ....but I doubt they would have received a copy to take home and then turn over to Newsweek.


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Bernie Kerik's Indictment Looms

As TalkLeft reported weeks ago, Bernie Kerik, Giuliani pal and NYC former police commissioner Bernie Kerik, best known for his short-lived nomination by Bush as Homeland Security chief, appears headed for indictment.

Today's update:

Federal prosecutors have told Bernard B. Kerik, whose nomination as homeland security secretary in 2004 ended in scandal, that he is likely to be charged with several felonies, including tax evasion and conspiracy to commit wiretapping.

Kerik's indictment could set the stage for a courtroom battle that would draw attention to Kerik's extensive business and political dealings with former New York mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani, who personally recommended him to President Bush for the Cabinet. Giuliani, the front-runner for the 2008 Republican presidential nomination according to most polls, later called the recommendation a mistake.

At least Kerik should have plenty of money for legal fees.

Records filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission show Kerik had earned more than 6.2 million dollars in pretax profits through stock options he was granted by Taser International, a manufacturer of stun guns.

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Bernie Kerik Turns Down Plea Deal

Former New York police and correction commissioner, Bernie Kerik last month turned down an offer from the feds to plead guilty to federal tax fraud and conspiracy to commit wiretapping in exchange for a sentence of less than two years.

One of Kerik's lawyers, Ken Breen, says Kerik turned down the deal because he did nothing wrong and paid his taxes. Kerik's other lawyer, Joe Tacopina, is currently involved in a murder trial which I suppose accounts for Breen making the public response.

Kerik, you may remember, was nominated for Homeland Security chief at the urging of Rudy Giuliani. Kerik withdrew his nomination after negative details of his personal and professional life came to light. [TalkLeft coverage is accessible here.]

Now what? Reading between the lines, I'd say Kerik will soon be indicted, Rudy's campaign will take another hit due to his close relationship and sponsorship of Bernie, and I can't help but wonder, if the feds think Bernie conspired to wiretap Albert Pirro's boat at the request of former Westchester D.A. Jeannine Pirro, whether she's in trouble too. Background on that is here. She's been lawyered up in that investigation for a while. Did she talk her way out of it, give up Bernie to save herself or is she going to go down too? I may disagree with Jeannine politically and on crime issues, but I really do hope she's in the clear on the wiretapping.

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Rangel Endorses Giuliani-Kerik Ticket

Congressman Charlie Rangel said today he would support a Rudy Giuliani - Bernie Kerik ticket. He was joking.

Political observers say Giuliani's relationship with Kerik could be a problem if the former mayor goes ahead with a run for president.

Gee, you think? Here's some TalkLeft background on Rudy and Bernie. More here and here.

What a pair. Under their administration, Jeanine Pirro probably would be Attorney General. (Not to be confused with Jeanette Pinero.)

There must be a role for Judith Regan in here someplace. What cabinet post would Rudy and Bernie award her?

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