Israeli Hostage Release Set for 9:00 am ET

4:00 am MT (6 am ET): I've been glued to the news all evening about the Qatari-brokered deal between Israel and Hamas for a four day pause in fighting during which 50 women and child hostages seized by Hamas in Israel on October 7th will be exchanged for 150 women and teenage prisoners held in Israeli jails, and an Israeli promise to allow around 400 trucks of aid, including fuel, to enter Gaza from Egypt.

The terms of the deal have been reported over and over again. I guess once more won't hurt: [More...]

The hostages going to Israel will be picked up by the International Red Cross. They will drive them to a check point where they will be picked up by military, who will take them to hospitals. After being checked out and tested, their families will be waiting to see them. The Palestinian prisoners will be taken to the West Bank and then sent to their homes. (None of the Palestinian prisoners to be released are from Gaza, thus none will be going to Gaza).

A few hiccups that could still arise: First, Hamas does not control The Palestinian Islamic Jihad, another terror group. The group is reportedly holding up to 30 of the Israeli hostages. It also has not agreed to a pause in fighting. It could try launching some rockets to torpedo the deal. Israel, however says, it will not respond to minor and isolated rockets, only to an attack that is a real threat.

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