Pentagon Live Briefing on Baghdadi Kill Mission

There was a briefing at the Pentagon today (video here) on the al-Baghdadi capture or kill Mission.

  • The capture or kill mission was in the works for months. Used intelligence from the Pentagon and other agencies (did not credit intel from other countries) to locate him.
  • "Devastating blow" to members of ISIS who have been deprived of their spiritual leader.
  • Our mission is not to act as a police force in Syria.
  • We're going after the oil. We want the "Syrian Democratic Forces" (SDF) to reap oil funds which allows them to maintain prisons for ISIS members.
  • Throws shade at Turkey.
  • We're now in the "next phase of the campaign". We will hunt to the ends of the earth people who would harm the U.S.


  • We're sending more troops to Deir Ezzor to protect the oil. Mentions that the Conoco oil fields are there. Will deny access to ISIS, Russia or Syria.
  • Baghdadi's remains were disposed of appropriately, according to our standard operating procedures and laws of war.
  • Won't release the dog's name, he is protecting his identity.
  • Two adult males were taken into custody.
  • Mission is to defeat ISIS (which apparently includes hogging the oil for the SDF)
  • Would not confirm Trump's description of Baghdadi's last moments.
  • There are photos and videos of Baghdadi's last moments but they are being declassified and won't be available until that process is done.
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