Mexican Media Report El Chapo's Son Freed, Back in Sinaloa

Riodoce reported this morning it has confirmed that Alfredo Guzman-Salazar, son of Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman-Loera and the other five men kidnapped at La Leche Restaurant in Puerto Vallarta have been freed and are back in Sinaloa. Alfredo and his brother Ivan Archivaldo reportedly are both there. According to Sinaloa Press, all six were released unharmed and El Chapo has been informed.

Sin Embargo and now almost all Mexican media, and the AFP, are reporting the same. La Pared reports no additional details are being provided because of the pending extradition request from the U.S. for both sons:

Neither the Attorney General's Office or the Office of Jalisco have issued information regarding the release of the imprisoned son of Sinaloa cartel leader, but a source of the Sinaloa Attorney mentioned that there are indications that the release is correct.

"It is information that can not be confirmed because this person is a fugitive, there are only reports was released by his captors," said the source.


Mexico's Commissioner of National Security Reynato Sales had some harsh words for the state and local police in Puerto Vallarta, saying they share responsibility for the kidnappings and asks why they weren't around. That's a good question, and the Public Safety Commissioner of Puerto Vallarta, Jose Jesus Rodriguez, said he has not ruled out that the local police may have been involved. Other questions surround the "disappearance" of Arturo Peña Dávalos, the Mayor of Puerto Vallarta, who didn't answer his phone or respond to overtures from the Governor for days after the kidnappings, sparking a lot of criticism.

The arrest of the CJNG financial operator this week was unrelated to the kidnappings, according to Security Commissioner Sales. It has been in the works a long time.

As to who is responsible for the kidnappings, there's no shortage of suggestions.

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