ISIS Releases New Video of John Cantlie in Mosul

British photojournalist and ISIS hostage John Cantlie is still alive. ISIS released a new video today of him in Mosul. He asks why the coalition forces are bombing Mosul's bridges when the only people affected are residents -- the ISIS fighters, the "Mujahideen", are on fighting on the front lines outside Mosul. He shows a destroyed bridge which make it very difficult for people to get around.

He looks thin, but I don't think he looks much different than his last video in July. I am just glad he is still alive. [More...]

(Photo from Site Intel Group)

The video is recent. Here's an article on Nov. 26 about the U.S. bombing of one of the five bridges in Mosul. On Monday another bridge was bombed.

A colonel in the armoured division said Tuesday's assault aimed to push towards the river and ultimately reach Mosul's Fourth Bridge, the southernmost of five bridges spanning the Tigris, which splits the city in two.

Yesterday, al Jazeera reported:

The bridge, like three others, has been hit by US-led air strikes to prevent ISIL sending reinforcements and suicide car bombs across the city to the eastern front, where counterterrorism troops have spearheaded the army campaign.

The last and oldest bridge, built of iron in the 1930s, was targeted on Monday night. The structure was not destroyed, but the air strikes made two large craters in the approach roads on both sides.

The bridge attacked Monday might be the one on which Cantlie is filming from. From Long War Journal:

It appears that the bridge featured in Cantlie’s video was bombed earlier this week. According to Reuters, the “last and oldest bridge” into Mosul was hit by airstrikes that left “two large craters in the approach roads on both sides.” A taxi driver cited by Reuters claims to have seen the jihadists filling the craters with sand, which allowed vehicles to cross once again.

Cantlie also discusses the water shortage in Mosul. From an Al Jazeera report a few days ago:

Some Iraqi civilians forced to drink sewage water after major water pipeline was destroyed during fighting with ISIL.

..Earlier this week, water was cut for 40 percent of Mosul residents when a major pipeline was hit during fighting between ISIL and the Iraqi government forces trying to crush the group.

John Cantlie was captured 4 years ago in November. I hope he's rescued, set free or able to escape soon.

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    my (none / 0) (#1)
    by linea on Thu Dec 08, 2016 at 07:55:37 PM EST
    💛 heart goes out to John Cantlie (photojournalist) and all ISIS hostages and sex slaves.

    i also reject the ongoing military actions and persons dying because of the "coalition forces [who are] bombing Mosul's bridges when the only people affected are residents" as well as the water shortage caused by the ongoing military actions.