ISIS Senior Aide to al-Baghdadi Killed (Again)

In December, 2014, the U.S. announced that airstrikes had killed senior ISIS member Hajii Mutazz, aka Fadel Ahmed Abdullah al-Hiyali aka Abu Muslim al Turkmani. He was described by the U.S. as the "right hand man" of leader al Baghdadi.

Today the U.S. announced he was killed in an airstrike this week on August 18.

Via Frontline: [More....]

Turkmani is believed to be Baghdadi's number two. Under Saddam Hussein, Turkmani was a loyal Baathist, and reportedly served as a member of military intelligence and as a senior Special Forces officer. Today, he is responsible for overseeing the ISIS operations in Iraq. He sits on the powerful Shura Council, but also leads the Provincial Council, tasked with overseeing the governors appointed to lead the new states' 18 provinces.

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    by Mr Natural on Fri Aug 21, 2015 at 10:09:24 PM EST
    You've gotta die 72 times to get to those 72 virgins.