Jakarta Globe Criticizes Joko Widodo Over Executions

Indonesia President Joko Widodo, already getting justly raked over the coals of international opinion, isn't doing any better at home. The editorial in the Jakarta Globe yesterday, hours before the executions, concludes he was hoodwinked by his aides (which doesn't say much for his leadership ability) and that the executions are not in Indonesia's best interest:

With regards to the planned executions, we doubt that such action is really aimed at creating deterrence. We are afraid that it was born out of political strategy of people surrounding Joko, and the president might be only a victim of his aides who provided him with false data and arguments.

It goes on to oppose the executions and say they have nothing to do with the problem of drugs in Indonesia: [More...]

What is the use of executing people for Indonesia? It will create much more harm than good.

The fact is that executing has nothing to do with drug eradication. Before carrying out the death penalty, we must fix our law enforcement agencies, and the prison and judiciary systems. We have to make sure first that these systems will allow us to arrive at the correct ruling. Without certainty that our system has minimum flaws, we can’t execute people.

It implores Joko to backpedal:

Joko has made statements that prevent him from changing his stance. He publicly stated that he would not grant clemency to drug offenders. Thus, he had already made a decision before reviewing each case. This was a mistake, and backpedaling may be in the best interest of Joko and the nation.

Joko must delay the execution until he reviews each case. There is no shame in accepting and correcting one’s mistake. This is not a sign of weakness. Rather, it is a sign of greatness. This is wisdom that will put him as a great leader.

So where was Joko Widodo last night? All dressed up and presiding at a ceremony at the Presidential Palace in Jakarta.

On a related note, a funeral was held at the Saint Carolus funeral Home in Jakarta for mentally ill Brazilian Rodrigo Gularte after his body arrived from Death Island. His body will be flown to Brazil. Lots of pictures, very sad.

On a lighter note: Best headline of the day (but it's early): The AFP: Indonesia Defends Executions After Convicts Die Singing.

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