Kuwaiti Lawyer Announces No Longer Representing Emwazi, Sr.

Salem al-Hashash, the Kuwaiti lawyer for Jassem Emwazi, who is the father of Mohammed Emwazi, aka "Jihadi John" held a short press conference today announcing he is withdrawing from Emwazi's case "for personal reasons." He also said he filed several slander lawsuits today. He also said:

Jassem Emwazi is a "British national who has no relation with Kuwait" except that he visits the Gulf state to see his mother.


I wonder if the alleged grocery store coworker of Jassem Emwazi who claimed he denounced his son was one of those sued. If he only went to Kuwait to visit his mother, it's unlikely he worked at a supermarket. (It would also make the reports that Jassem Emwazi lived in Kuwait for the past two years with his daughter false.)

al-Hashash also repeated that "so far, Western security agencies have not provided any evidence to prove that Mohammed Emwazi is Jihadi John". At the time he initially told the media this, he also said Jassem had not been in contact with Mohammed for "ages" and security services had checked all his phone records and substantiated this.

Why did the lawyer withdraw? It could be the pressure -- representing a universally hated client is never easy. But I wonder whether he was threatened by the Kuwaiti government. The Daily Mail reports a Kuwaiti member of parliament demanded Jassem Emwazi apologize for his statements or leave the country.

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