Bali 9 Duo Transferred to Death Island

Just another day in Paradise. Escorted by two fighter jets carrying live missiles, commercial budget airline Wings Air, owned by Lion Air, today flew Bali Nine duo Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran from Bali to Cilacap, where they were then taken by ferry to Nusakambangan, Indonesia’s death island where within days, they and 8 other convicted drug offenders will be driven at midnight to a killing field, tied to wooden posts and shot to death simultaneously.

According to news reports, Andrew and Myuran were silent as they were led to an armored vehicle to be taken to the airport, but thanked the guards as they left for their treatment during the decade they spent at Bali's hellhole Kerobokan prison.

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott says "We are frankly revolted." He says there's little chance of a change of heart, and Indonesia is just digging in its heels. [More...]

Well, we have heels we can dig in as well. It's time to Boycott Bali and Indonesia -- and add Wings Air and Lion Air to the list. If you'd like to let Wings Air know how you feel, the CEO is Mr. Edward Sirait.

Lion Air has a troubled safety record, see this New York Times article about a crash in 2013 when it skidded off the Bali runway and the plane split in two with 100 passengers.

Lion Air is on a list of carriers banned from operating in the European Union because of lax safety standards, and its planes have been in several accidents over the last decade, including a fatal crash in 2004.

It's also Indonesia's largest privately run airline, with more than 36 destinations. Hit them back where it hurts, in their pocketbook. You can email their "customer care" department. You can also email the Bali Tourism Board.

Andrew and Myuran are being taken to Nusakambangan island in central Java, where they will be taken to Batu Prison, known as “Indonesia’s Alcatraz” and then, within days, to a killing field, tied to a wooden cross and killed by a firing squad of police from Indonesia's BRIMOB. They will be shot through the heart (and if they don't die quickly, shot again behind the ear.)

Here's the undertaker proudly showing off his coffins (and a wooden cross.)

Andrew and Myuran:

There are beautiful beaches all over the world. Please do not give your tourist dollars to Bali or Indonesia which executes non-violent drug offenders. Visit Fiji, the Maldives, the Seychelles or Mauritius instead. And please don't buy their products.

If you are new to the story, see some of my more recent posts:

The Jakarta Post criticized President Widodo this week for his stubborn position, and urged a referendum on the death penalty. Here's a column summing up his lack of compassion during his first 100 days in office.

Update: The plane has touched down in Cilicap. The whole town is in lockdown, and reporters are being barred from taking photos. Here's a photo of the Wings Air plane and one of the fighter jets at the Bali airport earlier today.

Nigerian drug prisoner Raheem Salami, who is one of the 10 to be executed in the coming days, has offered to donate his organs.

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