al Baghdadi Releases New Audio Speech

Update: Thanks to Pieter Van Ostaeyen for publishing the English translation of ISIS leader al Baghdadi's speech.

ISIS leader al Baghdadi released a new audio speech today. I haven't seen a full English translation yet (a French one is available.)

In it, he threatens Israel:

"With the help of Allah, We are getting closer to you every day," al-Baghdadi told his Israeli listeners. "The Israelis will soon see us in Palestine. This is no longer a war of the crusaders against us. The entire world is fighting us right now."

The ISIS leader continued, "The Israelis thought that we forgot Palestine and that they had distracted us from it. That is not the case. We have not forgotten Palestine for one moment."

This is the first public audio speech since May. I don't think he's been seen since mid-2014 when he announced the Caliphate. As to when this message was made, Haaretz says it was after the beginning of the Russian airstrikes.[More....]

Why the need for a pep talk now? Were there any specifics? Any new threats? Or was it all platitudes like:

"Be confident that God will grant victory to those who worship him, and hear the good news that our state is doing well," said the leader. "The more intense the war against it, the purer it becomes and the tougher it gets."

I'll update after the English version is out and I read some reaction by ISIS supporters.

Update: ISIS supporters tweeted out more than 1,000 tweets with quotes the first hour.

Some reported quotes in English:

Soon, soon, you will hear the rumble of Muslims..They will surround you.."

"Soon..you will pay heavily. Your houses.Palestine will be your grave. You will hide behind trees and stones".

He acknowledges the "the loss of many lands" and asks his followers to have patience and seek martyrdom.

"We have to fight everybody even if all (countries) are against us, we shall win".

...."It is no longer a Crusader war but a general war against us. It is a battle of Kuffar against Muslims. Jihad is a duty of all".

Is there an announcement here?
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