Kim Dotcom Extradition Decision Due Tomorrow

Update 12/22: Judge approves extradition. Bail continued. Appeals next.

The New Zealand courts tweeted a few hours ago that the decision on Kim Dotcom's extradition will be released tomorrow afternoon. More from the New Zealand Herald here.

I'm sending good thoughts his way. [More...]

It occurred to me a few weeks ago that instead of prosecuting Kim Dotcom, the U.S. should put him in charge of its media campaign against ISIS. If anyone could create a successful anti-ISIS messaging strategy, it's him. At one time, MegaUpload occupied 4% of the internet, with 50 million users a day and 1 billion total users.

If Kim Dotcom created a Megaupload for the Muslim World where they could upload material countering ISIS' claim that its view of Islam is the correct one, it would probably get a zillion hits. Especially if he enlisted Printzboard to do the video. The information would be then be out there, accessible in one place for all would-be recruits to read and decide for themselves.

A New Zealand website ran an article last week with 9 reasons Kim Dotcom should run for Mayor of Auckland (he's not eligible due to immigration rules.) He's also funny and and grateful for your support:

Here's an article about Kim DotCom's new top lawyer, who was able to get him access to his frozen funds in Hong Kong. His original chief counsel, who got him bail and kept him out of jail so far, has recently been appointed a judge on the New Zealand High Court.

Kim Dotcom is a talent the U.S. should be entreating, not incarcerating.

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