Judge Rules Kim Dotcom Can Be Extradited, Bail Continued

Update: My thoughts: The U.S. just got handed a price tag of $120,000. a year to warehouse these four men should they be convicted. (Per Administrative Office of U.S. Courts, June 16, 2015, the annual cost of housing a prisoner at a Bureau of Prisons facility is $30,621.00.) For what? Creating and running the most successful file uploading and sharing business ever? Yes, some people, including Dotcom and his partners, may have improperly allowed site users to share copyrighted material, for which Hollywood is owed money. So sue them. Prison is not the answer to every conceivable economic and social ill.

Update: Summing up:Kim Dotcom can be extradited. The court decision must be approved by Justice Minister Amy Adams (requirement of the Extradition Act.) Once the decision is signed off on, Kim Dotcom and the others have 15 days to appeal. {More...]

For now, they remain on bail.

Crown prosecutor Christine Gordon did not oppose bail for all the men but said the "change of circumstances" should see the conditions of bail reviewed. She said the men should now be ordered to report to probation every day. Judge Dawson said he was satisfied the men could be given bail.

Update: Priceless: The delay was due to a court stapling machine malfunction. Here we go. Via Radio New Zealand reporter Katie Newton: Judge Dawson says a prima facie case has been established. He denies the applications to stay the extraditions. Dotcom and his three co-accused are eligible for extradition. The decision can be appealed on points of law. The men's families are crying, there's little reaction from them.

Reaction from Ira Rothken, Kim Dotcom's U.S. lawyer: "The @KimDotcom team looks forward to having the US request for extradition reviewed in the High Court. We have no other comments at this time."

Update: Mona Dotcom, Kim's ex-wife, is also at court. But where's the ruling? Why is no one tweeting from the courtroom? I'm trying to follow and will update as soon as there's something happening.

Dotcom still has appeals left if he loses this one. Hopefully, he won't be spending Christmas in the clinker.

Update: the Judge just arrived.


In 15 minutes or so, District Judge Nevin Dawson of Auckland will announce the ruling on Kim Dotcom's extradition.

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