Shami Witness's Detention Extended Until Jan. 15

Shami Witness, the tweeter from India who posted ISIS news updates with favorable comments, went to court yesterday. His police detention is over, and he has been remanded to judicial custody until Jan. 15.

Bengaluru City Police Commissioner M.N. Reddi told reporters: "During interrogation, we figured that he (Biswas) was in direct touch with ISIS fighters. We have gathered evidence to show that he supported IS. Apart from proactively tweeting for the group, his messages prove that he encouraged youths to join the organisation."

The police also said that their investigation into his role in working as a propagandist was complete. "He cooperated during interrogation and never refused to share any information that we sought. We will seek his custody if required in the coming days based on inputs from the National Investigation Agency," a police source said.

Another police source says: [More...]

A probe officer said: "A conversation with him will give an impression that the terror organisation gave him some kind of training. But that never happened. On the contrary, he acquired indepth knowledge of IS by reading extensively on the internet."

And yet another says:

"We have completed the probe. We have not yet decided on filing the charge-sheet as information from other agencies is awaited."

And this article says:

Meanwhile, the officials of the National Investigation Agency (NIA), who were expected to seek Mehdi’s custody, did not apply for the same.

Following the court order, Mehdi was taken to the Parappana Agrahara central prison in the evening. Elaborate security arrangements were made at court as well as the prison as Mehdi was brought there.

What does this all mean? It sounds like the investigation is over and he's been moved to judicial custody to await the filing or non-filing of charges. If India's system is like ours, and I don't know that it is or isn't, then the police investigate and recommend to the appropriate prosecuting agency that charges be filed or that no charges be filed, and the prosecuting agents makes the decision. Police investigate, prosecutors charge.

The NIA has authority to prosecute. From its website:

[The NIA} is mandated , at the national level, to investigate and prosecute offences affecting the sovereignty, security and integrity of India, friendly relations with foreign States and offences under Acts enacted to implement international treaties, agreements, conventions and resolutions of the United Nations and other international organizations and for matters connected therewith or incidental thereto.

The NIA authorization statute is here.

From an official Bangladore police twitter account today:

Mehdi Masroor Biswas is remanded to judicial custody after 22 days of PC. Investigation is progressing well.

And then there's this:

In a sudden development, Bengaluru city’s Joint Commissioner of Police (Crime) Hemanth Nimbalkar, who is investigating the important case of Mehdi Masroor Biswas, the alleged owner of the pro-IS Twitter account, was transferred on Wednesday.

Mr. Nimbalkar was investigating the case of Mehdi Masroor Biswas right from day one, and his transfer has raised many an eyebrow.

There were reports he was too nice to the prisoners.

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