Official ISIS Statement Explaining Sharia Punishments

ISIS released an official statement explaining Sharia law punishments (also known as Hudud) today. It says it is wants people to be forewarned. It also says it will not be lenient on violators, and has even imposed the punishments, including death, on its own members.

There are 11 punishments. Thanks to Arabic and Islamic affairs expert Pieter van Ostaeyen for publishing the English translation, which was done by Abu Musab. [More...]

  • 1. Insulting Allah = Killing.
  • 2. Insulting Messenger of Allah = Killing even if the one who did it repents.
  • 3. Insulting the religion = Killing.
  • 4. Zināh = If married, stoned to death. If not married; 100 lashes and banning from the land for the period of 1 year.
  • 5. Homosexuality = Killing the one who does such an act, and the one who it’s done to.
  • 6. Stealing = Cutting the hand
  • 7. Drinking alcohol = 80 lashes
  • 8. Slander = 80 lashes
  • 9. Spying for kūfar interests = Killing.
  • 10. Turning back on Islam (apostate) = Killing
  • 11. Banditry (in Arabic Qat3 at-Tarīq) are 4 categories:
    a. The one who kills and takes money = Killed and crucified.
    b. The one who kills merrily = Killing
    c. The one who steals merrily = His left hand and right feet will be chopped of.
    d. The one who scares the people = Banishing him from the land

The “Hisbah” are the new Sharia police. There have been numerous complaints about their brutality. Here is a non-violent video with English subtitles in which some Hisbah explain the importance of morality police.VICE News followed the Hisbah in Raqqa and made this video.

It should be noted that there are contrary views on the implementation of Hudud and Sharia law. Here's one:

Shariah laws such as the hudud are not meant to be punitive. Their intention is to keep law and order in a Muslim society through clear deterrence.

Contrary to the widely accepted thinking, Islam enjoins its adherents to show tolerance and clemency over the application of hudud. Islam encourages its followers to repent and return to the right path when they commit vices. The Prophet never liked to punish his followers but rather preferred to educate them and encouraged repentance.

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    Sounds like the 8th century (none / 0) (#1)
    by Jack203 on Thu Dec 18, 2014 at 10:16:30 AM EST
    I'll take the Bill of Rights over the above.

    As the CTC report promoting (none / 0) (#2)
    by Jack203 on Thu Dec 18, 2014 at 10:22:15 AM EST
    We'd have better luck defeating ISIS by highlighting the terrible conditions they live under then by killing them.

    They can easily be defeated culturally.  But extremism is difficult to stamp out militarily.