Thursday Night DNC: I'm With Her

It's finally Hillary's night to shine at the DNC. On the car radio, I kept switching back and forth between CNN, MSNBC and Fox and they were, as usual, all filled with bad punditry and minimizing Hillary.

On every station people pointed out speech-making is not her forte, so don't get your hopes up. She's no Obama. The one person who I heard stick up for her said she'd do a good job if for no other reason than she wanted to impress her granddaughters. Really? They are babies, they won't know tonight if she booms or busts.

This is hardly Hillary's first rodeo. Speculation she's nervous or won't meet expectations is absurd. She's had this speech ready since 2007. She's speaking to Democrats tonight, she has their vote. The excitement will be huge and I hope it's contagious. It should make the whole country realize Trump is a peanut compared to her.

I fully expect Hillary to be inspiring and confident tonight. I think her speech will , showcase her experience, her readiness to handle any situation, her decades of public service, and her ability to be tough when appropriate but also compassionate and caring.

I wish she would come out say, "This is mine. I earned it" -- because it's true. But of course, she won't.

Run, Hillary, Run. You've got this.

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