Sunday Open Thread

I have nothing to write about. Trump has become boring and predictable. Only the ignorant and persons who can't manage their perceived anger will vote for him.

Things seem stable for the time being in Sinaloa. Yes, a nephew of Zambada-Garcia got killed, but he seemed like a straight arrow working for a seafood company. Maybe it was road rage?

These kidnappings/killings seem to have more markings of Alfredito Beltran Guzman (son of Alfredo Beltran Leyva, for whom the U.S. Government is seeking a Life sentence and a $10 billion forfeiture),rather than CJNG, although some say the two groups re collaborating. Again, if Alfredito Beltran Guzman is behind it, it sounds like a family spat to me, not an attempt to gain physical control over big swathes of territory.

ISIS on the brink of losing Sirte, Libya. The West has been claiming this for months, but it could be true this time. What does it mean? The BBC has a new article examining what's next for ISIS after Sirte.


The MTV Music Awards are on tonight. Brittany Spears is going to be a featured performer. She was on Carpool Karoake this week with James Corden. It was easily the worst one he ever did. She barely sang, when she did, it was in a whisper. Or she lip-synced. Poor James did all the heavy lifting, including hitting the high notes she didn't even bother to try for. She came across as as a dumb teenager (she's 33) and someone severely in need of a brain from the Scarecrow. Maybe that should be her next part--in the Wizard of Oz.

This is an open thread, all topics welcome.

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