Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Appears in Court

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, accused of committing the Boston Marathan bombing, was in court this morning. Reporters in the courtroom are live-tweeting. Almost all say he appeared much more alert, interested and engaged in the proceedings than at his prior appearance. He smiled when talking to his attorney Judy Clarke.

He wore slacks and a sweater, not an orange jumpsuit. He has a short beard and his hair is longer than at his last appearance.

As I wrote Monday, the Government asked for him to appear so that he could be quizzed about whether he is satisfied with his counsel, in case he is convicted and claims differently in an appeal. Today Dzhokhar (aka Jahar) assured the court he was satisfied with his attorneys, answering "Very much so." (One reporter tweeted he answered "Pretty much" and another said he responded "Yes Sir." Are they attending the same proceeding?)

One reporter said the Judge ruled the witness lists will be sealed until the jury is seated. Another said the judge said he will release the list on Dec. 28. [More...]

There was discussion about what the jury would hear about Jahar and his life, and the influence of his brother Tamerlan. The Judge said he will issue a "decorum order" for those attending proceedings. He said he is concerned about leaks by law enforcement to the media, but made no ruling on the issue. The hearing ended after 25 minutes.

This is the last conference before jury selection which is scheduled to begin in early January. One reporter said the defense told the Judge today they would be making another motion to continue the trial. (Another said a motion to move the trial is still pending.)

The reporters' live-tweeting is surprisingly contradictory, even as to what was said. It would be interesting to read the transcript so we know which ones are worth following during the trial.

A woman in the courtroom began yelling in Russian and was ushered out. She is the mother-in-law of Ibragim Todashev, killed by FBI agents in Florida.

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