Tsarnaev: Judy Clarke's Opening Statement

Here are some quotes from reporters in the courtroom who listened to Judy Clarke's opening statement in Dzhokhar Tsarnaev's trial: Catherine Parrotta, Fox News and Jim Armstrong of WBZ (CBS):

"We meet in the most tragic of circumstances."

The circumstances that bring us here today still are difficult to grasp, are incomprehensible, are inexcusable.

For the next several weeks we are all going to come face to face with unbearable grief. We're going to see it, feel it, and agonize with every witness

"We will not sidestep Tsarnaev's responsibility for his actions" [More...]

The govt, defense will agree on many things that happened the week of April 15. Tsarnaev walked down street with a pressure cooker bomb

there's no question it's Tsarnaev you will see in the video leaving a bomb. "It was him."

After their pictures were on TV, the brothers "went on a path of devastation", killing Officer Collier and leaving community in fear

Tamerlan carjacked a man, Tsarnaev followed. Tamerlan fought in Watertown, but his little brother fled.

If the only question was if it was Tsarnaev who did these things, it would be very easy for you. It was him

Clarke shows photo of Tsarnaev and his brother in their backyard, asking "what took Tsarnaev from this, to this"...walking down Boylston with a backpack?

Discusses Tamerlan's radicalization and trip to Russia. "It was Tamerlan who self radicalized, it was Dzhokhar who followed him"

Tamerlan did the research on the bombs, bought the BBs and pressure cookers, fireworks, ammunition, backpacks. Tamerlan led the way every step of the way.

Make no mistake, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev's computer had the materials the government talks about, but there's no evidence he downloaded them. It all came from Tamerlan.

The computer evidence will show both brothers' computers had a library of material. But Dzhokhar spent most of his time doing things teens do

We won't argue Tamerlan forced Dzhokhar to do these things, but you will hear of the influence he had. (Tamerlan didn't put a gun to Tsarnaev's head, but he had huge influence over his brother.) (Judge chimes in: very limited evidence)

She moves on to how Tsarnaev became more attached to brother when parents left

We must hold Tsarnaev responsible for the horrible things he did. But he took that path because of his brother's influence.

The govt talked about writings in boat. "Essentially what he wrote was he was jealous his brother achieved martyrdom"

"He wrote words he read and heard". We ask you carefully assess how deeply rooted the writings may be

There are questions that can't be answered now, that we ask you carry over to the second phase

None of you would be here right now if you couldn't keep your hearts and minds open and think about the evidence all the way

Holding your minds open to the second phase won't be an easy task. That's what you promised as jurors

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