Chief Justice Roberts Appoints Two New FISA Court Judges

Chief Justice John Roberts has appointed two new federal judges to the secret FISA Court, replacing two judges whose 7 year terms are up.

They are U.S. District Judges Jennifer Coffman of Kentucky and F. Dennis Saylor of Massachusetts. Judge Coffman was appointed to the federal bench by Bill Clinton and Judge Coffman was appointed by G.W. Bush. [More...]

Last year, 1,579 warrants under FISA were granted for electronic surveillance and physical searches -- almost all for electronic surveillance. In 2001, there were 934 requests.

In 2010, under the Patriot Act (not FISA) there were 24,287 requests for national security letters seeking records of U.S. persons. This number does not include requests made only for telephone subscriber information. The number of U.S. persons whose records were sought: 14,212.

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