Joe Biden's Plans Have Long Roots

The latest news about Joe Biden considering a bid for the Democratic presidential nomination is hardly a surprise. Joe Biden has always considered running for President in 2016. A year and a half ago, in February, 2014, he told ABC he couldn't think of any reason not to run. He said then he would decide by the end of the summer in 2015.

Joe Biden has always been there laying in the weeds, waiting for something to happen that might derail Hillary. Apparently, he thinks the time is now. [More....]

His time is long gone. He will be 74 years old in November, 2016. Richard Nixon was President when he got to the Senate.(Nixon resigned in 1974.)

While the Senate has had older Senators, they are 1 of 100. There's only 1 President. Ronald Reagan, the oldestPresident to be inaugurated, was 73 when was sworn in for his second term. Biden will be three years older. Even should he be elected, he'd almost certainly be a one term President. He'd turn 84 before his second term was up, and no one wants a President in his 80's.

His age is the easiest reason to overlook him. The real reason is his record on crime.

I have consistently opposed Crime Warrior In Chief Joe Biden on this site since 2003. (All posts are accumulated here.) Pick any drug law you don't like in the last 25 years, and you'll find he's responsible. If he runs, it will be the first time I sit out a presidential election. He will never get my vote.

Joe Biden has been trying to run for President since 1988 (His bid was torpedoed by his plagiarizing speeches of others. It was hardly a one time occurrence, it was a practice that dated back to his law school days). He also embellished (at best) details of his life.

The sheer number and extent of Biden's fibs, distortions, and plagiarisms struck many observers at the time as worrisome, to say the least. While a media feeding frenzy (a term popularized in the 1988 campaign) always creates an unseemly air of hysteria, Biden deserved the scrutiny he received. Quitting the race was the right thing to do.

Even in 2012, he hadn't changed his overly pro-law enforcement and drug warrior views. In Mexico, he said the Obama-Biden Administration would never legalize drugs and are requesting more money for the war on drugs in Central America:

Biden said the U.S. has provided about $361 million in anti-crime aid under the Central America Regional Security Initiative, but leaders in the region called that insufficient. Biden said the administration is asking more from congress.

Biden could care less about pleasing progressives. It's the Republican vote he'll pander to. He acknowledged this strategy in 2008.

The only crime bill we need now is a three strikes law that keeps Joe Biden from running for President for the third time.

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    Biden and Kerry (none / 0) (#1)
    by lentinel on Sun Aug 02, 2015 at 04:14:02 AM EST
    Joe Biden has always been there laying in the weeds, waiting for something to happen that might derail Hillary. Apparently, he thinks the time is now.

    In my opinion, Hillary is well on the way to derailing herself.
    And I'm not talking about emails.

    I was truly amazed at the way she avoided giving a straight answer about her position on Keystone.

    We are left to surmise what she would actually do when elected.
    We gave Obama a major benefit of the doubt - believing he would be a progressive and watching as he lamely surrendered time after time to interest groups on the right.

    Would we do that again? Hoping that Hillary will be the Hillary we want her to be? To be the progressive champion we think that she may be in her heart of hearts?

    Don't think so.

    My fear is that if we don't do something soon, we will wind up with one of those freaks of nature on the Republican side.

    Or Biden.

    Of course Biden is unacceptable. His age doesn't concern me much. It is his draconian approach to "law enforcement" that would make me stay away from the polls.

    What has happened to our party? The Democratic Party.
    Are there no Democrats left?

    The subject (none / 0) (#2)
    by lentinel on Sun Aug 02, 2015 at 04:18:06 AM EST
    above should simply be "Biden'.

    Although, thinking about it, I think ol' Kerry is probably mulling it over also.
    I think he has kept himself in the public eye for just that reason.