iPhone App for Marijuana Legalizaton

As Apple always tells us in commercials, there's an iPhone app for evertyhing. Even this:

The app features the laws and consequences for possession in each state, facts and figures supporting why marijuana should be legal and a pre-written letter to President Obama that can be sent by pushing a button, described by David as “petition on the go.” It can also locate the nearest NORML chapter.

Why did they make it? [More..]

Elizabeth: It just seems like it has been demonized for the wrong reasons. When you do historical research, you’ll find that a lot of it was fueled by racism in different countries, in different time periods. So it was made illegal for the wrong reasons, first of all. And secondly, when you think about alcohol and tobacco and the damage that does to society, and OxyCotin and all the other prescription drugs that are abused all the time, people OD and die on these drugs. And marijuana cannot kill you.

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