ABA Stifles Report on Trump for Fear of Being Sued

Members of an American Bar Association (ABA) Media Law committee commissioned a report on Donald Trump's litigation history. The New York Times reports that the commissioned report, written by Susan E. Seager, a former journalist, and a First Amendment lawyer, concluded he was a "libel bully" who "has never won a single speech-related case filed in a public court."

According to the New York Times, the ABA is not publishing the report because, get this, it is afraid of being sued by Trump. (The ABA spokesperson denies this is the reason.)

Alarmed by Donald J. Trump’s record of filing lawsuits to punish and silence his critics, a committee of media lawyers at the American Bar Association commissioned a report on Mr. Trump’s litigation history. The report concluded that Mr. Trump was a “libel bully” who had filed many meritless suits attacking his opponents and had never won in court.

But the bar association refused to publish the report, citing “the risk of the A.B.A. being sued by Mr. Trump.”


The ABA has 410,000 members. While special rates are available for some groups of members and less for newer lawyers, normal dues are now $457 per year for lawyers admitted more than 10 years (not including extra charges if you want to join a particular section.) I'm no math whiz, but when I put those numbers into Google, it comes out to $187,370,000. I think the ABA can well afford a lawsuit by Donald Trump. Lawyers would volunteer to represent the organization for free. The only risk would be a judgment if it loses. Very few of these cases actually go to trial. Whether true or false, I suspect a lawsuit over this report would settle for a nuisance value.

I haven't seen Trump's response to the report, but I am comfortable saying that I believe Donald Trump would deny he is a "libel bully" and (true or not) that he's never won a free speech case in court. (Hopefully this and the fact that I'm not endorsing the findings of the report are enough to keep me from being sued for writing about the report. I'm more interested in the ABA's purported reason for refusing to publish the report than the report itself.)

The ABA media committee's commissioned report is online at the Media Law Resource Center. (No link, in case it is libelous.) The takeaway to me is Trump's litigation history in total, not just the free speech related suits. The report says he has been involved in 4,000 lawsuits over the last 30 years. That averages 133 lawsuits a year. This includes the suits against his companies, but the number still strikes me as high. He isn't Ford or General Motors.

The report states it took the numbers from USA Today which conducted this investigation and published this interactive database of Trump-involved litigation.

Now having read the report, I don't quite agree with the conclusion. It says only 6 or 7 of the 4,000 lawsuits in which Trump was "involved" were "free speech" lawsuits and it only examined these 6 or 7 cases. Given the number of negative articles about Trump that appear every day claiming he is fabricating something or other, and have for months, if he were really a "libel bully", I think the number of free speech related lawsuits would be much higher. One of the 6 or 7 free speech lawsuits was neither a libel nor defamation suit but a breach of contract suit against Bill Maher for failing to donate $5 million to charity after he made an offer to do so if anyone could provide a birth certificate showing Trump wasn't the son of an orangutan. Trump's lawyer supplied his birth certificate, and then sued when Maher didn't make the contribution. Trump later withdrew the lawsuit, and his lawyer said he would refile, but he never did. Several analysts predicted he had a zero chance of success. I suspect (but do not know) there was no refiling because Trump's lawyers told him there was a good chance he'd end up liable for Maher's legal fees.

Another of the 6 or 7 lawsuits examined by the ABA media committee's commissioned report was one brought by the Miss Universe organization, when Trump was one of the equity owners, against contestant Miss Pennsylvania who (ironically) claimed the contest was rigged. Miss Universe Org. (official name is Miss Universe L.P., LLLP) sued and won in arbitration when Ms. Pennyslvania failed to show up at the arbitration hearing (allegedly upon the faulty advice of her lawyer.) The report states that without hearing evidence to support the amount of damages, the arbitrator granted an award of $5 million to Miss Universe Org. Miss Pennsylvania later appealed to a federal Court but lost. (opinion here.) She then sued her lawyer for malpractice, won, and settled the case with Trump for $1 million. (Her father allegedly told the media not a dime came from her own pocket.)

In another article, USA Today reported:

A USA TODAY Network analysis of the lawsuits involving Trump and his companies includes only six in which the Trump team has formally claimed someone libeled, slandered or defamed him, and a few other court cases where he used other legal avenues to fight what someone said about him. At least one Trump target filed a counter-claim for harassment and won.

No one needs a libel suit except the lawyers who earn a living from them. Lawsuits zap time, money and energy more pleasantly spent on other things. I'll agree Trump seems particularly litigious, but a "libel bully"? If he's only filed fewer than 6 or 7 libel cases, I think that's an exaggeration.

On the other hand, consider his remarks in February at a campaign rally, as reported by Politico:

"One of the things I'm going to do if I win, and I hope we do and we're certainly leading. I'm going to open up our libel laws so when they write purposely negative and horrible and false articles, we can sue them and win lots of money. We're going to open up those libel laws. So when The New York Times writes a hit piece which is a total disgrace or when The Washington Post, which is there for other reasons, writes a hit piece, we can sue them and win money instead of having no chance of winning because they're totally protected," Trump said.

Bottom line: The ABA's problem seems to be the harsh terms used for Trump in the report, which it deems partisan, not the methodology or the conclusion. The ABA prides itself on protecting free speech. I think it should publish the report as written and let readers decide what to make of it. Trump calls his opponents worse things ("Crooked Hillary", "Lyin' Ted") every day.

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    having audited companies a hundred times (none / 0) (#1)
    by cpinva on Tue Oct 25, 2016 at 12:52:31 AM EST
    the size of Mr. Trump's, that is a YUUUUUUGE number of suits, for a company that small (make no mistake his total companies, combined, are in the peanut range). were he being audited by the IRS, that's an item that itself raises a ginormous red flag, for multiple reasons.

    I know/work with many lawyers, and concerns regarding professional risk are certainly valid, more so if you're a sole practitioner or small firm. it's time and money diverted from billable hour work, that pays the bill, plus the risk of losing.

    the ABA is no sole practitioner or small firm, they have 1,000's of members and, as you note, a large pile of money with which to defend themselves. I hope they change their mind, and release this report, and dare Mr. Trump to sue them. one problem though, how is going to find counsel having no conflict of interest? presumably, they are all members of the ABA.

    According to the USA Today chart (none / 0) (#2)
    by jbindc on Tue Oct 25, 2016 at 07:46:51 AM EST
    Trump has been involved in 14 "Media and Defamation" cases - 7 as a plaintiff and 7 as a defendant. He has won 1 as a plaintiff and lost 3 as a plaintiff. He has been involved in 5 cases in 2015 alone, let alone his career.

    And I don't think this counts the suits his wife (ves) have been involved with.