Colorado: New Rules for Marijuana Edible Packaging

Colorado is enacting new rules for recreational marijuana edibles, designed to address the problem some people (like Maureen Dowd) have determining how much to ingest.

The rules will not be "tougher" with respect to the quantity of THC contained in edibles. Colorado's current rules specify each "serving" of recreational pot edibles can contain up to 10 mg of THC. [More...]

Colorado's rules already require edible pot to be sold in "servings" of 10 milligrams of THC. But many consumers have complained they can't tell what a serving is and eat too much of a heavily-dosed product...

The primary changes will be in the packaging. Multi-serving edibles will clearly mark the size of a single portion.

Medical marijuana portions will still be allowed to contain up to 100 mg THC per serving.

According to the Denver Post, other changes have to do with child resistant packaging for single-serving edibles and liquid edibles, and liquid edibles have to have markings on the bottle or container showing a single size portion (as is done now with cough medicine.)

The rule changes will take effect in November.

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