Colin Powell Dies From COVID-Complications

General Colin Powell has died from complications from COVID-19. He was 84 and fully vaccinated. However, his immune system had been compromised by having had blood cancer.

Powell, who was 84, received his second Pfizer shot in February but was immunocompromised as a result of his cancer and suffered from Parkinson’s disease, [his longtime assistant Peggy] Cifrino said in an interview. Multiple myeloma is a blood cancer that severely impairs the immune system, lowering the effectiveness of vaccines.

“He was actually scheduled to receive his booster when he fell ill last week,” Cifrino said. “He couldn’t go to his appointment. … He thought he was just not feeling quite right, and he went to the hospital.”

According to the CDC which has followed 7,178 deaths among fully vaccinated people, 85% of the deaths occurred in the over age 65 population. [More...]

There are 1.3 million people in the U.S. who have bone cancer or are bone cancer survivors. Gwen Nichols, chief medical officer for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, quoted in the article explains:

We are advising them to get vaccinated but act unvaccinated,” Nichols said. “Avoid really crowded places. Avoid situations where you can’t be in control. Wear a mask. Wash your hands.”

The risks for such people highlight the need for everyone to be vaccinated and reduce the chances of passing on the infection, as someone did to Powell, she said.

I continue to be very wary of all public spaces, especially elevators. I see very few people wearing masks these days. I won't leave my house without one, despite being fully vaccinated and receiving the third booster.

R.I.P. Colin Powell.

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    They said of the (none / 0) (#1)
    by CaptHowdy on Tue Oct 19, 2021 at 08:55:35 AM EST
    Millions of people fully vaccinated .004% have died from break through covid.

    My nurse friend said what he had was just about the worst thing you could have in this case.

    It's worth noting that everyone in my family, my brother, my sister and both their spouses have had breakthrough covid.  These are all people 7-11 years older than me (70) and in varying stages of poor health.  I would have bet my sister who has been very frail for years now, would not have survived it.  But all of them were fine.  They never saw a doctor after being diagnosed.  None need to be hospitalized.  They all said it was like a bad cold or a mild flu.

    Personally I got my booster and am living my life.  Having lunch with boosted friends tomorrow.

    Locally I'm surprised how many people are always masked.  I would not have expected it.  But usually at least 80% are wearing a mask.  Our Republican Governor can be thanked for that IMO.  He has been unwavering in the face of withering attacks.

    And the unmasked 20% are poster children for the bottom of the barrel.