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Update: For those who don't want to read through the live-blog below, the shorter version is the DNCC is making efforts to accommodate more bloggers than in 2004. Enabling a state blogger to sit with the delegates from their state is a big improvement, but it only applies to one blog per state, and doesn't apply to non-state bloggers.

Also, the credentials are only for events at the Pepsi Center, not for events at the Convention Center where other events and meetings will be taking place. I don't think this should deter anyone. In Boston in 2004, our media pass got us into events at the hotels and events outside the Fleet Center. Nothing really happens at the Pepsi Center until late afternoon. [More...]

I think it's important to be in the hall during the evenings. There's an energy and a unifying spirit that doesn't come across the same on tv. The massiveness of the event -- looking down from the nosebleed seats of Blogger Alley at thousands of people -- the deafening roars of approval and applause during the speeches really need to be experienced to be able to do great live-blogging. It's also good for the party. The purpose of the convention, particularly when the nominee is decided in advance, is to show the unity of the party and get everyone motivated to bring home a win in November.


I'm on a conference call with the DNCC about logistics for bloggers at the August convention in Denver.

The DNC issued a press release today advising that those credentialed as 50-state bloggers (1 blog per state) will have a seat on the convention floor with in their state delegate sections. This will be a big improvement over 2004.

What about the non-state bloggers who are applying for credentials in the general blogging pool? They will not have seats on the floor.

In November, the DNCC announced its blogger credentialing process for 2008, including an expansion of the credentialed blogger pool from prior cycles and the addition of a state blogger credentialing program. Under the DemConvention State Blogger Corps, which is designed for those covering state and local politics, the DNCC is offering the opportunity for one blogger to be credentialed from each of the states and territories. The program, recognizing the growth of more localized blogs and in line with Governor Dean's 50-state strategy, has been open for applications since December.

In addition to the DemConvention State Blogger Corps, the DNCC will also credential a general blogger pool, to include local, state and national political bloggers, as well as niche and video bloggers from across the country.

The call host is Aaron Myers, online communications director for the convention. He's fairly new to the DNCC staff. Deadlines are approaching.

Also on the call: Adam, deputy director; Jenny E., deputy CEO for public affairs, Wally and someone else for logistics; Bobby Clark from Progress Now; Jennifer from Daily Kos.

Jenny E. starts: Convention is Aug 25 to 28, Mon -Thurs at the Pepsi Center.

Week's' activity open Sat. night with media welcome party by DNCC Host Committee at Elitch Gardens, amusement park. 100 years ago they held a similar event.

Sunday: media credentialing distribution.

Convention kicks off Monday. Delegate breakfasts at hotels each morning. Hotels are listed on the Dem Convention website.

Caucus meetings, for example those of the women's, African-American and other groups will be at the convention center downtown, not the Pepsi Center.

There will be a daily press briefing. Not sure if there will be specific blogger briefings. Blogger credentials will be same as media credentials.

Program times are coordinated for ET. Late afternoon MT gavel with program wrapping up around 9pm MT.


Two groups of applications: 50 state blogger corps for those covering state politics, 1 per state.

general blogger pool: everyone else, national bloggers and niche bloggers like those focusing on labor, disability or other specific topics.

Credentials are by media outlet, to the blog, not to individuals. April 15 deadline for applying.

There are a few states left with no applicants: it's on their blog. (Alaska, Hawaii, West VA, the Virgin Islands, Guam)

Wally: Credential is only for the Pepsi Center. Some workspace will be available both in the Pepsi Center building and in tents outside.

In the tents there will be filing centers, press info centers, ability to see sessions on tv monitors. There will be specific blogger sections as well.

Next speaker: Housing: official media housing process has closed. If you are interested, they would like to hear from you this week, through their website. They may still be able to help. Deposits will be due by June 24. Bloggers will know status in May. So they can cancel if not credentialed.

Not in a position to fulfill every housing request. They will do their best. Progress Now may have some other options.

Jennifer of Daily Kos: DKos is working with Progress Now and other non-profits to create another media hub outside of the Pepsi Center a few blocks away. They are calling it The Big Ten, it will have wi-fi, a blogger's lounge, food and beverage, media space, entertainment. There will a website soon with details on being credentialed for this. Scoutfinch-at-dailykos.com.

There will be a live gavel to gavel video stream for people around the country who don't come to Denver so they can blog from home.

You can get on the DNCC press list. Send an email to dnccpress-at-demconvention.com.

Questions: Technorati rankings. Just one piece of criteria. They will be reviewing applications in April. No need to be too focused on rankings. You can e-mail questions to onlineteam at demconvention.com.

Will there be extra consideration for Denver blogs? Not yet tackled this question.

They haven't defined size or shape of general blogger pool. No seating on floor during evening events for general bloggers. There are temporary rotating floor passes for media.

No answer to question about how to get credentials for events like caucus meetings outside the convention center -- or if they are required.

Free wireless access? They are hoping to drop hard lines for State bloggers seated with delegates on the floor. Wi-Fi is problematic. They don't know what the wi-fi situation will be due to broadcast interference and security interference. Everything that will be going on in the hall may have the effect of interfering with or disabling wi-fi. So they will make as many hard line connections available as they can to file stories. With so much tech equipment in a small space, it's bound to present wi-fi problems.

End of call.

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    Jeralyn (none / 0) (#1)
    by stillife on Tue Apr 01, 2008 at 06:51:26 PM EST
    I look forward to your intrepid coverage.  

    hey, i think that's great jeralyn! (none / 0) (#2)
    by cpinva on Tue Apr 01, 2008 at 08:32:50 PM EST
    tell me, are they going to figure out a way to "accomodate" the voters of MI & FL too?

    now that would be something to see! :)