Riots in Baltimore After Freddie Gray Funeral

Baltimore was in chaos today when riots erupted after the funeral of Freddie Gray, a young African American who died in police custody.

Gray's family was shocked by the violence... they hoped to organize a peace march later in the week, said family attorney Billy Murphy. He said they did not know the riot was going to happen and urged calm.

"They don't want this movement nationally to be marred by violence," he said. "It makes no sense."

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan declared a state of emergency in Baltimore and activated the National Guard.

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    I don't want to minimize what's (none / 0) (#1)
    by Anne on Mon Apr 27, 2015 at 07:27:45 PM EST
    happening, but the reality is that the looting and property destruction is so far happening only in isolated areas of the city; the problem is that it's a large, spread-out city, and containing it is no small task.

    Right now, religious leaders are gathering in the parking lot of the New Shiloh Baptist Church, which is where Freddie Gray's funeral was held, planning a march through the worst areas, asking for an end to the violence and destruction.

    One thing should be made clear: this has nothing to do with Freddie Gray; these are not people protesting what happened to him.  Many of those involved were school kids - you could see them in their school uniforms and wearing backpacks.

    As it happened, I was off today, babysitting for my six-month old grandson, but our offices - right across from the National Aquarium - closed at 2:30, after law enforcement went building-by-building alerting management that they had received credible threats that busloads of young people were headed to the Inner Harbor to cause trouble.  It does not appear that this happened, but there was an abundance of caution being exercised in order to secure people's safety.

    I have no idea whether our offices will open tomorrow - I guess it will depend on how things go for the rest of the evening.

    Honestly, this is just heartbreaking.  I have no idea why people would loot and burn stores that serve the communities in which they live; the hardship their actions impose on the law-abiding people in these areas is unconscionable.  

    But beyond that, it's things like this that set progress back, that allow racism to flourish.

    State of Emergency, curfew in place for a week (10 pm to 5 am).

    Really just a terrible, terrible situation.