Grand Theft Auto Kids mow down Soccer Moms

The demise of the Clinton campaign was sewn just after the 2004 election, when pollster Mark Penn sought to explain the Bush victory among so-called "values voters."

He found that uptight parents were less concerned with abortion than the idea of their kids watching "Sex in  the City," "pumped into their homes" which they'd never seen, and was then only on cable, and playing "violent videogames."

The next year, Senator Clinton held a press conference with Joe Lieberman and Republican Senators Santorum and Brownback, threatening the game industry with legal restrictiopns if they didn't "clean up their act."

Clinton allies introduced State Laws, with press releases claiming "86% of 16 year old boys play 'these' games."

What Penn and Clinton overlooked was that by 2008, these 16 year olds would be voting age. The sponsor of the Wisconsin censorship bill, a Clinton ally, told me she was not concerned, "They don't vote anyway."

Obama tapped this vein of resentment brilliantly in Wisconsin, running a heavy spread of ads on Fox Entertainment's Sunday Night Adult Cartoons, where Clinton had no presence.

The big story of the night, besides the Obama victory, will be record-shattering turnout of rural and smalltown 18-20 year olds.

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