Newsweek's "The Ruckus" Campaign Blog Ends

Many thanks to Newsweek and the Media Bloggers' Association for including me and TalkLeft in its campaign blog, "The Ruckus." For months, every post we wrote on the election also appeared at The Ruckus. Now that the election is behind us, the Ruckus is disbanding. [More...]

We began the campaign season with bloggers in key primary states: Adam Fogle in South Carolina at The Palmetto Scoop, Dean Barker in New Hampshire at Blue Hampshire, Chris Woods in Iowa at Bleeding Heartland and nationally known bloggers including John Amato and his folks over at Crooks and Liars, Joe Gandelman and his hyperactive bloggers on The Moderate Voice, Oliver Willis at his eponymous blog OliverWillis.com in DC, James Joyner outside DC at Outside the Beltway, Faye Anderson in New York at Anderson@Large and Ed Morrissey at Captain's Quarters.

As the campaign shifted we added Jeralyn Merrit and her crew in Colorado at TalkLeft, Brian Leubitz in California at Calitics, David Oatney in Tennessee at The World According to Oatney, Greg Palmer in Pennsylvania at Keystone Politics and Jill Zimon in Ohio at Writes Like She Talks.

I think the effort was mutually beneficial to Newsweek and the participating blogs. I hope they consider a new venture with bloggers covering the Obama Administration.

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