Romney Wins Wyoming GOP Caucus Vote

Wyoming held its Republican caucuses today. Mitt Romney won.

The former Massachusetts governor won eight delegates, former Tennessee Sen. Fred Thompson got two and California Rep. Duncan Hunter won one, meaning no other candidate could beat Romney. Caucuses were still being held to decide all 12 delegates at stake.

Wyoming only gets 14 delegates at the national convention as a penalty for bumping up the date.

Wyoming Republicans also paid a price for jumping ahead. The Republican National Committee has slashed half of Wyoming's 28 national convention delegates. National party leaders similarly penalized Florida, Michigan, New Hampshire and South Carolina for moving up the dates of their nomination contests.

Romney's son owns a ranch in Wyoming and he and his sons visited the state, although Romney hasn't been there since November. McCain and Giuliani didn't bother to visit.

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    Aspens (none / 0) (#1)
    by manys on Sat Jan 05, 2008 at 06:48:35 PM EST
    I thought for sure Giuliani would make a nice showing in Cheneytown.