Obama and the White House Corres. Dinner

President Obama made the most of his final White House Correspondents' Dinner last night. While he probably can't take credit for the content of the jokes (written by others), he did a great job delivering them. He really had the timing down.

Obama and the jokes were funny and entertaining, especially about Trump, Cruz and Kasich. Here are some of the funnier ones.

Larry Wilmore gave the comedy monologue. I didn't care for him. He wasn't funny, just insulting. [More....]

Everything was either about race or a personal insult. Many of his attacks fell flat, like the one against Wolf Blitzer. No one laughed, and Wolf didn't react. Watching the audience throughout his monologue, it seemed there were many more raised eyebrows and stone faces than laughs. About 5 minutes into it, a chiron at the bottom of the TV screen asked: "Do you think Larry Wilmore is funny right now?" I don't remember that being asked during past monologues. John Boehner was funnier than he was, and that's saying something. I turned off the TV about 10 minutes into Wilmore's bit. I think he bombed.

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