Politico: The New Drudge

Media Matters notes that Politico virtually ignored the Rudy Bailed on the ISG story. Apparently the absence of a haircut made it "not news." And it appears that Mark Halperin will have to change his saying to "Politico rules our world," as Kevin Drum notes the paucity of coverage in the Media:

Remember that Newsday story from yesterday about Rudy Giuliani getting kicked off the Iraq Study Group because he couldn't find the time in his busy schedule to attend their meetings? You could be excused if you don't, since apparently no one in our press corps considered either the news itself or Giuliani's laughable explanation for his absences to be worth commenting on. . . . [I]s this seriously not considered news? A guy who's running for president based on his reputation as a hero of 9/11 was given a seat on the highest profile group ever created to investigate a way forward in Iraq, but he decided it wasn't worth his time? He blew off James Baker and Lee Hamilton so that he could give speeches in South Korea and attend fundraisers for Ralph Reed in Atlanta? And the consensus reaction is a big yawn?

It needs a haircut angle Kevin. Don't you know anything about journalism?

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    You know Rudy bailed (none / 0) (#1)
    by Militarytracy on Wed Jun 20, 2007 at 02:55:50 PM EST
    You can report on it.  Politico just gone and chapped your biscuits didn't they?  It was pathetic that somehow they just slipped on Rudy there and it is sad that I can never ask Reid what he thinks about the color we painted the shutters because he could call the war hero who lives here incompetent or something.  Just watched the Frontline episode End Game.  Saw a few comments lefters had to make on it so far and it was very depressing.  Nobody sees that we have no soldiers, that Petraeus is very likely to have SOMETHING to show for his efforts in September...enough to argue about and the Dems fund another year in Iraq how will they fight not having a draft?  They don't seem capable of fighting anything at all.  Nobody understands how broken the Army is even if I scream all day and night that I live in it and it is broken.  When the Republicans start slapping the Dems around for not have enough soldiers to fight the war they funded what does everybody think is going to happen?  I didn't see that the Dems would just roll over and fund another four months and I almost passed out when Reid said he wouldn't set that bar that high next time but I see the rest of this coming very clearly.  I would never want anyone to live through what this family has these past few years but everyone is asleep or something.  Maybe I'm being too fearful and the Dems would tell the administration to stick it.  It is very scary though.

    I second your first sentence. (none / 0) (#2)
    by oculus on Wed Jun 20, 2007 at 04:17:03 PM EST